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Best Hip Hop of 2023 - Part 1 | Ep. 165

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

My god, WHAT a twelve months it's been. Hip hop's 50th year delivered some insane music, incredible verses and memorable moments...and we broke it all down for you in this MAMMOTH two-part episode. Do go check out the other episode to get our full 2023 breakdown - we went in!


Joining us for this celebration is SonRaw and Rohan (The Rap Music Plug Podcast), as well as guest contributions from the likes of Televangel, Defcee, Beezy (Dead End Hip Hop), Dart Adams, Sean Kantrowitz, GENG PTP, Zilla Rocca, Dan O, Tokyo Cigar, Dylan Green, Rob Keul and E (The Next Movement), MIGHTHEALTHY and Yemi (Rhymes Like Dimes) 🤯


We tackled these categories, and many more...


Top 5 Albums

Songs of the Year

Feature of the Year

Best Album Artwork

MVP of the Year

Verse of the Year


Check out our mid-year summary of 2023, where we spoke a lot about the same artists and work:


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Part 1

Show Notes:

  • Least hip hop thing in last 24 hours (3:13)
  • We Buy Diabetic Test Strips - Armand Hammer (10:02)
  • Guest: Sean Kantrowitz (25:34)
  • Integrated Tech Solutions - Aesop Rock (30:13)
  • Guest: Beezy from Dead End Hip Hop (42:36)
  • HeadSpace - H31R + JWords + maassai (45:23)
  • Estee Nack - Nacksaw Jim Duggan (54:14)
  • Guest: Dart Adams (1:04:05)
  • Faith is a Rock - The Alchemist + MIKE + Wiki (1:06:30)
  • Guest: E from The Next Movement Podcast (1:25:50)
  • He Left Nothing for the Swim Back - SKECH185 (1:28:47)
  • Lukah - Permanently Blackface (1:31:12)
  • Guest: Defcee (1:38:30)
  • Death Waits In The Dark - Substance810 + Hobgoblin (1:42:44)
  • Maps - billy woods + Kenny Segal (1:46:30)
  • Guest: Tokyo Cigar (1:54:35)
  • Leather Blvd. - B. Cool-Aid (1:57:54)
  • RXNephew - Til I'm Dead (2:02:44)
  • Guest: Yemi Abiade from Rhymes Like Dimes (2:08:09)


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