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Kuwait's Architectural Awakening | Roberto Fabbri

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Roberto Fabbri is an architect, researcher, and associate professor at Zayed University, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (UAE). His research interest engages with the notion of narrative spaces, reading the role of heritage and architecture in the definition of processes such as modernization, identity-making, knowledge exchange and establishment of traditions. With an emphasis on the Middle East and the Gulf, Roberto’s research embraces 20th-century architecture and its potential reuse as well as cultural spaces (museums and exhibitions) in the Global South. He co-authored the double-volume “Modern Architecture Kuwait 1949 - 1989” with Sara Saragoça Soares and Ricardo Camacho.


Theme music: Peninsular, Tarek Yamani 

Hosted by: Mikey Muhanna


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