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20 Startup Growth & AI: Business uses ChatGPT to Make Money (Udit Goenka Interview)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Udit Goenka helps startups with growth & sales, using the ChatGPT AI.

His business (Pitchground) uses the ChatGPT to make money:

They use the AI for brainstorming & to improve their business strategy.

In our interview Udit Goenka explained how they use ChatGPT in their business.

Pitchground is one of many motivational startups in India.

So you could say that our new interview episode & the Pitchground Platforms can be regarded as a startup documentary.

On Pitchground you find many startup ideas, because Udit Goenka & his team created a startup company for the startup community.

Saas Business Startups help other Businesses with their Startup Growth at Pitchground.

Again, this new podcast episode is a great business motivation where Udit Goenka explained his strategies for startup & business growth.

After Udit explained how to use ChatGPT to make money, you can hopefully implement these strategies in your business as well!

I hope this helps you with your startup growth strategies & your overall business strategy.

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