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Tarot Bytes: Bite-sized lessons for Tarot beginners. Created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady.

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    Tarot and the Hero’s Journey with Maisy Bristol


    Episode 219. The Major Arcana is associated with the bigger picture and spiritual lessons. In a way, it can be compared to The Hero's Journey, a myth about a hero who embarks on a journey and must overcome challenges along the way. This transforms them on a deep level. Tarot reader Maisy Bristol joins me to talk about the hero's journey in the tarot cards. 
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    How to Understand Signs and Blessings from Angels with Radleigh Valentine


    Episode 218. How do you know if your angels are trying to communicate with you? Can tarot help? Best-selling author and angel communicator Radleigh Valentine joins me to teach about angels, signs, and blessings. He also talks about his new tarot deck, Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. Our conversation will leave you feeling enlightened and inspired!
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    How to overcome creative blocks with oracle and tarot cards with Chris-Anne Donnelly


    Episode 217. Do you suffer from creative blocks? Ever get a project sidelined because you can't move past that blank page? In this episode, beloved tarot deck artist Chris-Anne Donnelly joins me to teach how she uses oracle and tarot cards to move past those blocks. She also shares other techniques that have helped keep her artistic groove.
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    Spirit Cards with Veronica Varlow


    Episode 216. In this episode, I am joined by Veronica Varlow, author of Bohemian Magick: Witchcraft and Secret Spells to Electrify Your Life as she shares how to work with "spirit cards," a technique she learned from her grandmother Helen. This simple method will add a lot of depth and magic to your tarot readings. Veronica also talks about her new book, witchcraft, her cool family lineage, and so much more. Listen in and learn how to add spirit cards to your readings (thank you, Grandma Helen, for teaching Veronica so she could teach us!).
  • Tarot Bytes podcast

    Clarifying Cards with Victoria Constantino


    Episode 215. Sometimes a tarot reading doesn't make sense. When that happens, readers will often choose a "clarifying card." A clarifying card can offer additional guidance and so much more. Victoria Constantino, author of Tarot by the Moon: Spreads & Spells for Every Month of the Year, shares her thoughts and techniques about clarifying cards. 
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    Empowering Tarot Readings with Neil from Must Be A Gemini Tarot


    Episode 214. What makes a reading empowering...or not? Neil from Must Be A Gemini Tarot joins me to answer that question. Learn how to approach your tarot readings with the right mindset and questions, whether you're getting or giving the reading.
  • Tarot Bytes podcast

    How We Began Reading Tarot, Writing About It, and Creating Decks with Sarah Potter


    Episode 213. Do you wonder how tarot readers get started? Curious on how some make the transition from tarot professional to writer...or deck creator? Sarah Potter joins me today for a fun and frank discussion on our tarot journeys. Learn how we made the leap from hobbyist to pro - and author. Sarah also gives the inside scoop on her new deck, The Cosmo Tarot!
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    Tarot for Activists with Corinna Rosella


    Episode 212. In order for there to be justice and equality in the world, we need activists. They have always played an important role in creating freedom for all. But activists need support - and tarot can provide guidance and healing for those who stand up, speak up, and make a difference. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Corinna Rosella of Rise Up Good Witch joins me to talk about tarot as a tool for social justice work, healing, how tarot needs to change to better support folks, and more. Corrina also talks about their new class, Tarot As A Tool For Liberation. 
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    Tarot and Food with Courtney McBroom and Melinda Lee Holm


    Episode 211. What happens when you bring a chef together with a tarot reader? Answer: divination + yummy things + a cookbook. Chef Courtney McBroom and tarot priestess Melinda Lee Holm join me today to talk about two of my favorite topics: tarot and food! They also share the deets on their new cookbook, Divine Your Dinner: A Cookbook for Using Tarot as Your Guide to Magickal Meals.  
  • Tarot Bytes podcast

    When should I go pro?


    Episode 210. When should I go pro? This is a question I get asked frequently. While there is no set timeline for taking the leap, you do need experience and education. Diving in before you're ready could be harmful to the client. In this episode I expand on that - and share an excellent tip from tarot legend Mary K Greer. (You can read Mary's whole post right here.)

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