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Talk Energy with YES-Europe


YES-Europe interviewing leaders in the energy industry by asking them the most voted questions at YES-Europe.

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  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    6. On the frontier of energy storage investment (Caleb Waugh, Vice President, Macquarie)


    In this episode we interviewed Caleb Waugh from Macquarie on the frontiers of energy storage investment covering grid-scale battery, hydrogen, data center backup power.  Caleb Waugh is a Vice President in the Energy Technology and Solutions team at Macquarie Capital. Based in San Francisco, Caleb focuses on growth-equity, platform and project-level investments in energy storage, microgrids, distributed energy and vehicle electrification. He also leads development of internal proprietary techno-economic-financial models to inform investment decisions. Caleb joined Macquarie from Lockheed Martin where he led techno-economic modelling and analytics for the energy storage business. At Lockheed, Caleb was the chief architect of high-fidelity techno-economic-financial models used to analyze emerging energy technologies and business opportunities across distributed, utility-scale and microgrid applications. Prior to joining the energy storage team, Caleb held an internal advisory role in Lockheed Martin’s CTO’s office and was responsible for early-stage energy technology scouting, incubation and overseeing a multimillion-dollar university research portfolio in the U.S. and Australia. Caleb holds Master of Nuclear Engineering and Master of Technology and Policy degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degrees from Brigham Young University.
  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    5. Entrepreneurial journey of a Forbes 30U30 MIT nuclear engineer (Katia Paramonova, Founder and CEO of Centrly)


    In the 5th episode of Talk Energy with YES-Europe, Katia Paramonova, Founder and CEO of Centrly, Forbes 30U30, shared the motivations, challenges and takeaways in building multiple start-ups, including the energy NGO YES-Europe and Centrly. Katia is a 3rd generation nuclear engineer who went to MIT at 16 for her Bachelors in nuclear and later attended EPFL for her Masters in Energy Management. Having spent time living and working in 4 countries around the world in 4 industries, Katia is on a mission to accelerate technological innovation in key areas, such as climate. To this end, Centrly is building an innovation ecosystem management platform to enable companies to discover partnership or opportunities by building a market landscape custom fit to their industry
  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

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  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    4. Renting solar-hybrid systems and entrepreneurship (Daniel Zywietz, CEO Enerwhere)


    In the 4th episode of 'Talk Energy with YES-Europe', we interviewed Daniel Zywietz, Founder and CEO of Enerwhere. The world’s first distributed utility company provides reliable energy services to customers across the construction, oil & gas, mining and hospitality industries using modular and transportable solar-hybrid mini-grids. Beyond Enerwhere, Daniel shared great insights on entrepreneurship including risk management, enabling factors, innovation, fund-raising and entrepreneurial career advice. He has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting,  banking  and  entrepreneurship  leading Ambata Capital’s  Middle East operations prior to founding Enerwhere and was a member of Booz  & Company’s Low Carbon & Sustainability Group in the Middle East and A.T. Kearney’s Utility Practice in Europe. Aiming to promote the growth of the clean energy industry in the Middle East, Daniel serves on the Board of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council and is a regular public speaker on renewable energy topics. He holds a master’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University and is the co-author of several studies on the potential for renewable energy in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    3. Innovation and company growth (Dr.Frank Meyer, SVP B2C/Future Energy Home & E-mobility E.ON, CEO E.ON Solutions)


    In the 3rd episode of 'Talk energy with YES-Europe', we are delighted to have Dr. Frank Meyer, SVP B2C/Future Energy Home & E-mobility at E.ON and CEO of E.ON Solutions, share his thoughts on company growth, E-mobility, climate change, innovation, and career development. Check out for more insightful sharing in the episode. In the last four years with E.ON, Dr. Frank Meyer has not only successfully developed the B2C/Future Home Energy and Global E-mobility divisions but also helped the business to achieve high growth rates. The reason for this is that Frank, who is listed in the Handelsblatt among the top 100 innovators in Germany, consistently implements the decisive innovations. The 42-year-old’s previous posts include different management positions at BCG and Vodafone. On 1 April, he begins a new role as CEO of E.ON Italia.
  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    2. Energy market software development (Dr Christos Papadopoulos, VP New Business & Innovation at Energy Exemplar)


    An insightful interview with Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, VP New Business & Innovation at Energy Exemplar on the following topics: Processes and challenges of energy market software development In-house versus commercial software Open-source or not? AI or just optimization? Impact of current affairs (COVID, Brexit) Benefits of energy market coupling Hydrogen integration Career advice And more in the episode
  • Talk Energy with YES-Europe podcast

    1. Energy research for the future (Prof.Anna Korre, Co-director of Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London)


    Discussing with Prof.Anna Korre of Energy Futures Lab at Imperial College London on: Trends in energy research; Impact of COVID, Brexit, 'Green industrial revolution'; Energy Futures Lab; Carbon capture and storage; Life cycle assessment; Advice to become a professor at a top university

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