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    STABcast Episode 89: Welcome Our Wookie Overlords Part Deux


    Preparations are on for the Las Vegas Open, and Tim, Will, and Ben talk about Yoda and Wookies, who are now street legal in the US! We talk about gaming and signing up for events at Adepticon and Gencon.  Come for the laughter, stay for the fun... all this and more on this week's episode of STABcast. 
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    STABcast Episode 88: Auld Lang Syne and other Wookie Love Songs


    Come join Ben, Tim, and Ryan as we discuss battle reports, experiments with the new GAR Wookies, and some table building talk. We also review our 2021 New Year's Resolutions and make new ones for 2022.    Welcome to 2022 everybody! To a better new year and more STABcast episodes coming your way!   The music at the top of today's episode comes from Joonas Suotamo, Mr. Chewbacca himself. 
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    STABcast Episode 87: Holidays at the New Orleans Open


    It is an episode jammed back with battle reports, ALL of them from Ben. Hear about the interesting and the bizarre in Legion lists, tournament play, a talk of MOV versus SOS and more from the New Orleans Open. Of course you don't travel with STABcast if you are not looking for some local food recommendations in New Orleans.  Also hear about how assembling and painting the new models from Will, Ben's procurement agent and artist in residence.  All that and much more on this week's episode of STABcast!   Music credits for this episode: Dixieland Train - Star Wars Cantina Song "Zydeco a Pas Sale", Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys  
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    STABcast Episode 86: Call forth the Listsmith!


    Come join Ben, Tim, and Ryan as we start preparing for the 2021 year of tournaments!  After this long drought of 2020 and the hit or miss of 2021, 2022 promises to be a year jammed with big events we are planning on attending.  We talk paint jobs on new models and new points for new lists, so the guys talk through what they are thinking about taking. Ryan and Tim talk LVO in January, but Ben's trip down river to New Orleans is this week and Will is still painting his things!  What lists will they put together? What hot mess will Ben bring to the New Orleans Open? Find out on this week's episode of STABcast!
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    STABcast Episode 85: Hat Tricks are not just for Cad Bane


    Come listen as Will turns on his fellow STABcasters and attempts to do what no one in the group has done before: defeat the other three members in single week. Can Will tackle Tim, Ryan, and Ben and secure his Clone Throne? Or will the empowered by the RRG Imperials toll Will's doom? Can Rebel shenanigans rout the Galactic Army of the Republic? Will the might of Darth Maul and Count Dooku turn Will's clone ball into a well blended paste? Find out that and what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving on this episode of the STABcast!  Happy Holidays to our listeners who are traveling, a happy recognition that our Canadians friends do this in October, and for the rest of our fans who are just going to work, we are thankful for you giving us your listening time. 
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    STABcast Bonus Episode #5: Tim ”Hot Takes” Hannon takes on the Changes


    Tim couldn't join us for the 84th episode of the STABcast, but his takes are always spicy, so he recorded them on his own.  Several experts have weighed in. Luminaries from the Star Wars discord, have some opinions on Tim's Ginger Hot Takes. Beez: "They are certainly takes." Drawde: "I'm not listening. Please cease and desist before I have my lawyers send you a cease and desist." Fifth Legion: "Yes, we said this last week. Tim just repeats all the things we say."   But don't take their words for it! Give it a listen and then let us know what you think. Come for the intro music; stay for the outro music, but most of all, thanks for listening to the STABcast. 
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    STABcast Episode 84: The SoCal Open and Galactic Shifts in Legion - Jumbo Episode Warning


    It's a three man episode this week as Ryan recounts his misadventures in sunny Southern California, where he was hoisted by his own x34s, he founded a religious movement, and was put down by Al Paz, friend of the podcast. Then, Will, Ryan, and I discuss the many and myriad changes to Legion with the release of the new Errata, RRG, and points document. For faithful listeners, there are two secret messages buried in this episode. You gotta listen to find out!   Come for the laughs, stay for the slashing cuts to the collective ego when you check out this episode of the STABcast. 
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    STABcast Episode 83: Count Dooku Makes Maul the Difference


    Welcome back to this episode of the STABcast! This week we discuss the rock hard virility of Christopher Lee upon his passing, teach Tim how to play his Droid army, and discuss all the mistakes Ryan might make at the San Diego Southern California.  Open. Will comes back to be informed of the potential destruction of his Clone Throne. Ben perhaps says Clones Delenda Est.    We also realized that often the STABcast will post an episode THEN news drops, so as an attempt to draw forth the RRG, we offer the Luminous Legion Beings our podcast to grease the wheels that must turn.  All this and more on the STABcast!
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    STABcast Episode 82: Battle reports from the Invader League


    Join the boys as we talk battle reports from the Invader League and break down what is actually getting played. We celebrate the coming New Orleans Open, so the opening is from the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys (seriously, someone started a band and named it what we call Ryan often).   Come for the laughter, stay for the stories, and may all your dreams be of STABcast!    
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    STABcast Episode 81: A Bright Renaissance (Faire) for Legion


    STABcast explores the Ministravaganza by AMG this past weekend. We explore Renaissance Faires, MCP (briefly), a bit of Xwing, a ton of Legion news, and some Organized Play details. I even offer a challenge for painters of the Persuader Droid tank! Come for the conversation about Ben's tender dark meats, how much clothing Will traditional wears while recording, Tim's true age and origin, and Ryan's hot beignet takes on the coming changes to Star Wars Legion!   Shout out to Samuel Kim Music. I used for this episode, but you can check out his music: 

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