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Thomas Solbach, Ghioia Irritier, Jan-Philipp Loch

The Strategy& Insider podcast aims to explore some of the most critical future trends and their impacts. Strategy& talks to industry experts and leading practitioners from different sectors. The conversations will make you more familiar with key developments by providing you with insights that really matter. The first season will tackle some of the most fundamental questions in the healthcare industry. While technology has quickly transformed how we shop, bank, and travel, it yet has to impact on how we receive healthcare. The adoption of digitally enabled tools for diagnostics, treatment, and management, for example, has been rather modest - especially compared to what is already possible. Together with experts across all sectors including pharma executives, leading academics and practitioners at hospitals we will discuss how the healthcare industry is expected to change.

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  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 16 - Leveraging smart partnerships to make data an asset in healthcare


    James Zackheim, Head of Corporate Strategy at global biopharmaceutical company UCB, shares what he foresees as the greatest benefits through collaborations between the pharma industry with tech companies. As these new partnerships, with the help of big data and AI, could accelerate the shift towards more preventive medicine and streamline the use of readily available data, however, there is also a disruptive threat from the new tech players that pharma should prepare for.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 15 - Transforming the way we deal with cancer


    Cancer is still one of the most common diseases worldwide, and one of the top causes of death – also because there is no known cure yet. As this makes prevention all the more crucial for patients, we spoke to renowned researcher for biomedicine and scientific author Bernd Bodenmiller about his strong passion and commitment towards better understanding cancer.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

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  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 14 – Focusing on patient empowerment


    The fourteenth episode features Betül Susamis Unaran, who is the Chief Strategy and Digital Officer at Zur Rose Group. She talks about the firm’s ambition to create a new healthcare ecosystem that connects healthcare products, digital healthcare services and third-party service offerings.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 13 – Creating an empathetic patient experience


    We are honored to welcome Aashima Gupta, Director of Global Healthcare Strategy and Solutions at Google Cloud, as the latest guest to our podcast. She shares how artificial intelligence can augment human productivity in patient care, why the future healthcare model is going to be hybrid, why data interoperability is key for empathetic patient experiences, and where the holy grail for a holistic understanding of a patient’s interaction with healthcare lies.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 12 – Striving for a better normal in healthcare


    This episode features Dr. Sachin Jain who is the CEO of Scan Health Plan and who used to serve in the Obama administration. This conversation is about the benefits of virtual specialty care, why we should strive for a better normal instead of a new normal and what it takes to achieve real transformation within the healthcare sector.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 11 – Fostering digitization in healthcare with an ecosystem approach


    For the first time, we welcome two guests to our podcast: Henrik Matthies and Julia Hagen from the Health Innovation Hub (hih) share their insights straight out of the ,digital forge' of Germany's Federal Ministry of Health. They stress the importance of an ecosystem approach and explain how COVID-19 may have a silver lining for the digitization of healthcare.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 10 – Bridging gaps in mental healthcare with mobile apps


    The tenth episode revolves around the digitization of mental healthcare. Our guest Nora Blum – founder and CEO of the German start-up Selfapy – illustrates that digital apps are a decisive tool in the treatment of mental diseases and increasingly help patients with depressions, eating disorders and other psychiatric illnesses to receive faster and more flexible medical care.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 9 - Revolutionizing diagnostics with digital biomarkers


    The ninth episode brings you ever closer to the future of healthcare with Thomas discussing the possibilities of digital biomarkers for modern medicine with Dan Vahdat, founder and CEO of Huma (formerly: Medopad). Together, they shed light on the prospect of diagnosing diseases in the earliest stages and how this contributes to a more preventative and personalized care for patients.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 8 - Boosting healthcare digitization in times of crisis


    While COVID-19 makes it necessary for the healthcare system to increase use of digital means at the moment, this could also function as a digitization catalyst and create sustainable change. Dr. Johannes Wimmer, Germany's leading TV doctor, explains why this would be a positive outcome of the crisis in the podcast's eighth episode.
  • Strategy& Insider podcast

    Strategy& Insider Episode 7 - Balancing individual freedom and collective health


    Together with Prof. Dr. Christiane Woopen, medical ethicist and Executive Director of ceres at the University of Cologne, Thomas discusses the implications of COVID-19 for basic human rights and that health is only one of our fundamental goods, whereas freedom is the highest good from an ethical perspective.

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