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How Alisha Went From $400 to $40,000 Client Deals | Alisha-Conlin-Hurd

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome back (finally) to an interview show at Storytelling Secrets!

I've missed this. Frankly, I got a little burnt out from interviewing and needed a break.

Now it's time to introduce a guest I'm proud to bring back on the 'return' podcast interview.

Wanna hear me the pick the brain of someone who's launched 450+ successful funnels.

Yep, 450.

Well I get to chat with Alisha Conlin-Hurd today who is also...

✅  Aussie from Melbourne

✅ Kinda obsessed with Dan Kennedy and direct response marketing 


✅ She's achieved A LOT for a 28 year-old (plenty of success clues to pick up)

I chat with her about how she went from charging $400 to $40,000 (pretty cool hook, hey?).

If you enjoyed our chat and you wish to checkout Alisha's stuff here's the best places to find her.

Her YouTube 📺

Alisha's new training: How You Can Create A Powerful 'Lead Machine' & 2x, 3x Or Even 10x Your Clients In 28 Days Or Less...

Connect with Alisha on LinkedIn


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