Solopreneur Deep Dive podcast

Solopreneur Deep Dive

Design Your Thinking Labs

Deep, thought-provoking, long-form interviews with solopreneurs exploring career transitions, learning new skills, building habits, breaking barriers of growth, being resilient, to create businesses from scratch. On the Solopreneur Deep Dive Podcast, the host Karthik Vijayakumar speaks to musicians, standup comic, dancers, techies, filmmakers, designers, photographers, artists, writers, podcasters, business coaches, and investors. This podcast is for solopreneurs, freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who are aspiring to become solopreneurs one day. On the show, you will learn how solopreneurs built businesses from scratch. Sometimes they created a business from a passion, and some other times they did it because they saw an opportunity. You will not just learn how these solopreneurs overcame their biggest roadblocks, but also understand the evolution of their thinking over time. Apart from all of this, you will find some solopreneurs sharing experience-based tips on overcoming depression, eating good food, and even managing relationships. The podcast is produced by Design Your Thinking Labs and is available at

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