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Rock n Roll Dentistry with Dr Jasper Thoolen

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

This is a very special episode with Dr. Jasper Thoolen! Jasper has been a dentist since 2016, one of the five founders of the online education movement Karma Dentistry, lecturer in cool dentistry, teacher at several post-doc, key opinion leader and author, musician, philanthropist and so much more.

In this episode, Jasper shares why he became a dentist and how he found his passion for dentistry, tells us about the Karma movement and the Karma Tour, and his best tools and advice for creating a life and everyday dentistry practice that lights you up — and as you know, this is crucially important as a dentist. You’ll learn:

- How your values can be expressed in your daily work

- The courage you need to practice the dentistry you believe in

- The power of authenticity in dentistry

- The secrets to work-life balance

Listen and discover rock'n'roll dentistry!

We hope that you'll love to hear it as much as we loved recording it!

Here are all the links where you can find all the information mentioned in the conversation and connect with Dr Jasper Thoolen:

Visit Karma Dentistry Website

Discover the Karma Dentistry Courses and Resources here

Discover the Karma Tour 2022 here

Watch the Karma on Tour Video here

Karma Dentistry Instagram @karmadentistry

Dr.Jasper Thoolen Instagram @jtdentistry

Discover Dr Jasper Thoolen Dental Clinic here.

Watch the Airborne band documentary "It's All For Rock n Roll" here

Read about "Start with why" and Simon Sinek work here.

Read about "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" and Mark Manson here

Karma Dentistry Founders @Instagram

Dr. Maarten de Beer @thedentaldutchman

Dr. Freek Gols Linthorst @dentistrybyfreek

Dr. Erik-Jan Muts @drs.erikjan

Dr.Mart Ramaekers @mart_ramaekers

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