Self Checkout podcast

Self Checkout

David Jeffery Harper, Conor Sheridan

Conor and David are two specialty food grocers. Join them as they research their favorite ingredients and recipes, share their strong opinions on pancakes and diners, and offer their unique perspective as two non-professional cooks entrenched in the undocumented side of the professional food world.

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  • Self Checkout podcast

    Winter Break!


    David shows Conor how to make Tahdig live! We get a tour of Conor's kitchen, some fond memories of the past few months, and some real life cooking noises. Stay tuned, because Conor and David are taking a short break over the holiday season and will be back in the winter!
  • Self Checkout podcast

    Migrant Farmers


    Conor and David discuss the means and conditions in which our food is harvested in the United States.
  • Self Checkout podcast

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  • Self Checkout podcast



    DISCLAIMER- David and Conor had some audio woes this episode, but still managed to discuss the finer points of controlled spoilage in food. From beer to pickles to hot sauce and cheese, they cover the action that fermentation takes. They of course talk historical significance but keep slipping into the magical esoteric connections between society, people as a super-organism and knitting as it relates to fermentation.
  • Self Checkout podcast



    Conor and David discuss the history of tea, queer representation on TV, colonialism, Jewel's career arc, and more facts on coffee. Somehow "spill the tea" only is uttered two or three times.
  • Self Checkout podcast

    Price Check!


    Conor and David reprise some errors we may have made, and make a few more in the process.
  • Self Checkout podcast



    It's hard to overstate the personal and global impact that coffee maintains. In this episode Conor and David have personal chat about how they've seen landmark moments over cups of coffee, what place coffee has in the world economy, and why people pay hundreds of dollars a pound for literal crap coffee.
  • Self Checkout podcast

    Thirst Quenchers


    It’s hot out. Conor and David don’t want to cook and they don’t want to eat. They want to drink cold things and make them taste great. This scorcher is so hot you can hear the AC cranking and plenty of ice clinking.
  • Self Checkout podcast



    Conor and David talk maize....eventually. The staple crop of The Maya people and Aztecs was once scorned by European settlers in favor of wheat, which was considered more civilized. Centuries later in an ugly example of colonial irony, corn is inescapable in the American diet and a key industrial product. They discuss the ways corn was used before the Europeans showed up, what makes it such a unique plant, and satisfy the Episode 1 cliffhanger in: >>>>>>>
  • Self Checkout podcast

    Self Checkout Trailer


    Welcome to Self Checkout, a podcast where Conor and David explore the world of food from a grocer's perspective.
  • Self Checkout podcast

    Pocket Foods


    We have one hand in our pocket and the other one is fighting over the last empanada. Join us as we talk all about pocket food. From pirogies to how Conor didn't know how soup dumplings were made.

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