SCI Science Perspectives podcast

SCI Science Perspectives

American Spinal Injury Association

The American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) brings you SCI Science Perspectives. The podcast is built around two-part dialogues with spinal cord injury (SCI) professionals regarding their emerging scientific work spanning the full spectrum of SCI research, from discovery to clinical application. The SCI Science Perspectives podcast disseminates the latest-and-greatest scientific work in the SCI field via a conversation with researchers that approaches their work from two perspectives: the “scholarly” perspective and the “community” perspective. The process begins with ASIA’s Committees informing the podcast about new and influential scientific papers relevant to the committee’s interests. Then the podcast host(s) then interview the author(s) of the papers, approaching their project from each perspective. Finally, the conversation from each perspective is published as its own episode type: "Scholarly" and "Community" episodes. Keep an eye out too for "Admin" episodes too, communicating administrative information relevant to ASIA members and stakeholders.

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