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My 4:00AM Morning Routine as a Multi-Millionaire

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When I was in my mid-20s, I would stay up till two or three in the morning writing code and then sleep until my first meeting.

My whole day would just get ahead of me and I could never get caught up.

I always felt behind on everything I did.

Then I picked up some new habits and I realised as I read more books…

Every book talked about the power of the morning routine.

For the longest time, I wanted to ignore it because I was more of a night person.

I didn’t focus well in the morning and couldn’t concentrate.

But I knew if I wanted to make millions and build something meaningful...

I couldn’t start building at 10 am.

So I changed my habits.

And it changed my life.

It was hard in the beginning.

But now it feels second nature.

And that’s why in today’s episode, I want to pass these habits on to you and show you how that morning routine looks.

So you can implement them in your life to build momentum and crush your day.

This is my 8-step multimillion-dollar CEO morning routine

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