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How I Brainwashed Myself to Success...

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At 17, I found myself in a dark place.


Angry, depressed, and convinced there was something fundamentally wrong with me.


My life was a far cry from where I stand today.


Fast forward through years of relentless effort, and I've had the honor of speaking alongside Tony Robbins, building a $100M company, authoring a best-selling book, and flying around on my jet.


But this transformation didn't happen overnight.


I realised early on that if I wanted a different life…


I needed to start with my mindset.


The transformation from a troubled teenager to the person I am today was no accident.


It was a meticulous process of "brainwashing" myself into success.


Sounds tense?


But it was this very process of reshaping my habits and thoughts that propelled me from feeling hopeless at age 17 to making my first million by 26.


So in today’s episode, I reveal the 7 habits and rituals I’ve used in my life to brainwash myself into thinking differently, acting differently, and pulling success into my life.


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