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DoK PtG / Horus Heresy / WD Updates to FEC and World Eaters

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15 Sekunden vorwärts
Episode 130   Wow, packed show!  The Daughters of Khaine Path to Glory is explored a bit, but it's lite, so is the coverage.  We dive into the White Dwarf 477 issue and the Flesh Eater Courts rules.  Tasty!  Also, the World Eaters in 40k got some love, so we share it.  We also touch on the new Horus Heresy game, and are we ever over the moon about this!  And this show has 100% more bloopers!  Josh was poking fun at me alot :)   Contact us!   Our Discord -   Patreon Page for Rolling Bad Podcast - Facebook - Rolling Bad podcast Feed site - Twitter - @rolling_bad Our E-Mail - [email protected] Our Instagram Page:  therollingbadpodcast   The Hosts and their Social Media Links;   Bill Twitter: @billcastello IG: PhantomPhixer42 Facebook: Bill Castello   Josh IG: @hereticmodel Twitter: @anoyoe Facebook: Joshua Alt Discord: Guts#4698   Links that we like!   AoS Coach - Cubic Shenanigans - Realm and Ruin Podcast - Garagehammer - Forge The Narrative - Sonic Sledgehammer on YouTube - AoS Shorts - Eric's Hobby Workshop - Miscast - Midwinter Minis - AoS Reminders - FooteWorks - Bill’s YouTube Channel -   "Take a Chance" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License  

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