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Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

Blasting Trump and dreading Hillary, provocative and funny GOP strategist Mike Murphy goes outlaw, tearing into campaign 2016 with topical rants, informed and merciless analysis and key player interviews. Radio Free GOP is where real players from both parties go to talk frankly about what's really going on inside the campaigns. Get the real inside dope from the real players who know the political game best, every week.

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  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    It’s War! Enlist!


    Radio Free GOP is back with a special issue on the GOP effort to take down Donald Trump. Mike Murphy holds a special roundtable with his colleagues, the leaders of Republican Voters Against Trump: Bill Kristol, Sarah Longwell, and Tim Miller. They discuss their strategy, play some ads and ask you to enlist!
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Free Sample -- The Post-Debate Special From Hacks On Tap


    A free sample of Mike Murphy's new podcast with David Axelrod! Campaign veterans David Axelrod and Mike Murphy take you deep inside the very top level of American politics with a degree of insight and knowledge you’re not going to get from Twitter. Or from any quick hit, headline grabbing daily dispatch. These seasoned pros have seen it all: the peaks and valleys, the pressure-cooker moments, the huge breaks and horrible calamities no one saw coming — and they will take listeners deep behind in the scenes and into the very top level of political strategy. For decades Axelrod, the Democrat, and Murphy, the Republican, have run campaigns – hundreds of them – for the White House to State Houses to City Halls-all over the country. In fact, they’ve even run campaigns against each other! Yet over the last twenty-five plus years they have maintained a close friendship and a shared love of American politics. Available wherever finer podcasts are found! Visit for subscription links and more info.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

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  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Radio Free GOP Mini: Coming Soon! Hacks On Tap!


    For you podcast political junkies, my old pal David Axelrod and I are launching "Hacks on Tap", a weekly "what's really going on in the campaign" podcast. Imagine this... you walk, or stumble, into an insiders' bar on the campaign trail and join Axe and me as we talk campaign 2020! New episodes will be released every Tuesday afternoon. I hope you enjoy. You can subscribe on iTunes at or on your favorite podcast platform.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Radio Free GOP Mini: So You Need 100 Million?


    Big time fundraisers explain how the Presidential money game really works. A USC Center for the Political Future panel with Mike Murphy, Bob Shrum, Amb Lou Sussman and Jack Oliver.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Amazon Crime, Art of the Surrender and Globe Trotting with Amb. Frank Lavin


    Amazon flees, Trump folds, the Dems start their engines and Howard Schultz feels the boil. We’ll talk about all that and even pine a bit for the olden days of the Reagan White House with my pal, Asia expert and GOP political veteran Amb Frank Lavin. It’s all right here on Radio Free GOP!
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    We’re Baaaack: The 2018 Holiday Spectacular Slash Bottle Show!


    To end 2018 on a bang, we broke out the resistance shovel and dug up our trusty Radio Free GOP transmitter for a special Happy Holiday Post Election Spectacular. Mike sorts through the rubble of the 2018 election, insults the President's son and has a long conversation with Bill Kristol about both 2018 and what the Democrat and Republican parties may well be facing as 2020 quickly approaches. All this, plus an update on the evolving plans for Radio Free GOP in 2019. And, the Radio Free GOP Singers have been back in the studio, cutting a NEW RFGOP intro jingle!
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Aftermath: When The Smart Guys Aren't So Smart


    Amongst the smoldering rubble of a prediction gone wrong, Mike and his guests talk about the Trump upset, how it happened , how it was missed by nearly everyone and what the future of the GOP will be under President Donald J Trump. With special guests David Hill and Bill Kristol.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    You’ve Got (Bad) Mail with Pollster Neil Newhouse


    Hillary's email headaches give her poll numbers a hit. Trump manages to keep himself out of the news cycle. Mike Murphy does some electoral college projections. And finally, an informative interview GOP pollster Neil Newhouse about how polling works.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Halloween Horrors & Comedian Dana Gould


    A prediction of things to come in the last two weeks of the 2016 Presidential election, and a hilarious discussion of horrors (political and otherwise) with comedian Dana Gould.
  • Radio Free GOP With Mike Murphy podcast

    Trump's Spiral and Inside The Circus!


    Why Trump continues to spiral and double down on grievance rhetoric, plus an interview with Mark McKinnon, political consultant and producer of the Showtime series "The Circus."

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