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Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer features business owners and CEO’s who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side happy, wealthy, and growing. Feifer, Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief, pulls these stories out so other business can avoid the same crippling problems. 767392

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  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Why Jim Cramer is Bullish on Small Business


    CNBC's Jim Cramer says that small businesses are the reason our economy is snapping back. We talk about why that is, and what challenges he foresees (and solutions he proposes) for small business owners in the near future.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Everything Is Just The Next Thing


    Are you grappling with a big change, or perhaps a big setback? Here's a helpful way to put it into perspective: "Everything is just the next thing." I explain the philosophy, and show it in action.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

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  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Michael Dell's Path to Success: Take Risks!


    "It's not that I was 50% smarter than everybody else," says Michael Dell, founder of Dell Technologies, who has built one of the world's largest tech infrastructure companies. "I was just willing to take more risks." On this episode, I speak with Dell about his philosophy on business and his new book, Play Nice But Win.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Start With Your Audience: Advice from Wondery CEO Jen Sargent


    What makes a great podcast? The same thing that makes a great business: Start with your audience and build from there. In this conversation, I speak with Jen Sargent, CEO of Wondery, a podcast company that has created many big hits (Dirty John, Dr. Death) and was acquired this year by Amazon. We talk about growing during difficult times, building stories that connect with audiences, and taking risks inside the data-driven world of Amazon.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    You Should Embrace Uselessness


    Business is focused on efficiency. But some of the greatest creations came out of experimentation, or by working on something that had no obvious value. So how can entrepreneurs better embrace uselessness themselves, and improve their creative process? I talk with Peter M. Krask, who calls himself The Creativity Guide, about what entrepreneurs can learn from artists — and how we'll grow more when we learn to let go.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    How one CEO Built a Company to Help Prevent Forest Fires


    We all see problems, but how do we build a business designed to solve them? In this episode, we follow Tim Barat's journey. Tim was a high-school dropout working as an electricity lineman and is now the cofounder and CEO of Gridware, a company that's helping to improve electric grid safety and help reduce wildfires. This episode is sponsored by AT&T Business. To learn more about how AT&T Business can help keep your business going, visit
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Work Your Next Job


    Want to get ahead? Expand beyond the things being asked of you, and focus on the things *nobody* asks you to do. I explain my "Work Your Next Job" philosophy, share some of my own stories, and then play stories from listeners Richelle DeVoe, Jules Hogan, and Erica Sinner.
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    The Mindset That Helps You Hit the NYT Best-Seller List


    How do you define success? The answer may determine how much failure you can stomach — and whether you can stay focused long enough to achieve one of the biggest accomplishments in your industry. On this episode, I talk with Andrea Bartz, author of the NYT-best-selling thriller novel "We Were Never Here", about her long journey writing books that few people bought — and the mindset that helped her stay focused on her ultimate goal. (Hint: It wasn't to write a best-seller!)
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    What It Takes To Be A Superforecaster


    When there are many options in front of us, how can we pick the best one? Warren Hatch has the answer. He's the CEO of Good Judgment, a forecasting company that fosters a team of "superforecasters" — people who are exceptionally good at looking at situations and predicting what'll happen next. What are they doing? And how can we do it too?
  • Problem Solvers podcast

    Maria Sharapova: "I Hire People I Can Lose With"


    Tennis star turned entrepreneur Maria Sharapova’s approach to business and sports is the same: Losing leads to winning. In this conversation, she talks about how she's transitioned from being a master in tennis to a student of business, the power of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, and how she learned to find strength in setbacks.

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