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Why Should We Train Our Dogs? with Eileen Koval

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

What are we talking about when we talk about dog training? Why should we train our dogs, anyway? Is puppy class enough training for my dog? And what kinds of skills should we prioritize when training our rescue dogs? Emily and Libby discuss these questions and more with Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Eileen Koval, owner of Confident Canines in Las Vegas, Nevada. They talk about top skills for dogs to learn, including leave it, watch me, drop it, come, and “do nothing,” why it’s important to teach your dog to influence their environment and control outcomes, and how to avoid dog training mistakes.

This rich conversation was inspired by Eileen’s blog post, “Does My Dog Need Training?” https://www.confidentcaninesdogtraining.com/post/does-my-dog-need-training

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Credits: Libby Felts and Emily Wolf (Hosts and Creators). Original music by Mike Pesci. Production and editing by James Ede of Be Heard.

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