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Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the most well-known experts in the content marketing space, talk about the latest content marketing trends and discuss how businesses can use content to attract and retain customers. Each podcast show features a discussion of content marketing headlines, rants from Joe and Robert on what's going on in the industry, and a "This Old Marketing" example from the past (that we can learn from). Always useful, entertaining and never more than 60 minutes. This Old Marketing is part of the Content Marketing Institute(CMI) Podcast Network.

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    Special Episode 300: From Apple to Disney and Why We Still Hate Facebook


    Special thanks to Gary Busey for his amazing introduction, to Pamela Muldoon for her sultry voice, and to JK Kalinowski for his design chops. Welcome to a very special 300th episode of This Old Marketing. Big shout out to the sponsor of this episode,, who stepped up and supported this show when no one else would. How does this show work? Joe and Robert are going to take your questions - and we've assembled 10 of the finest and best questions -  yeah, pretty much the ones we felt like answering.  Some of them came through audio...and some of them came through our hashtag on Twitter...but all of them we assume came with love and affection.  For those ten people who submitted questions: we'll be reaching out after the show to find out how to get you your prizes. As we mentioned, we're giving away a copy of Killing Marketing (either in print or in Kindle version) AND $50 in $TILT Coin. We've separated the questions into two basic categories: industry trends and questions about us and the show. INDUSTRY QUESTIONS SEGMENT QUESTION #1 Our first question comes in two parts... The first part is via the Twitter Hashtag and it's from Dennis Shiao. On this show for the last 300 episodes, you've advised us forever to not build our content house on rented land.  With Web 3.0 now facing us - is it possible that the entire concept of rented land goes away? The second part comes from email - and is from José Delameilleure. I am a free lance content writer from Belgium. I work in the niche of B2B IT, and usually in even deeper niches like Identity and Access Management, IoT, Artificial Intelligence,... In these niches, we are usually forced to use 'rented land' like LinkedIn to get our messages out. What can we do to claim our own piece of land and attract visitors to it?  QUESTION #2 Our next question also comes via the Twitter Hashtag and is from Jared Opfer. What business had the biggest miss in the last 12 months?  Who has the biggest opportunity in the next 12 months? QUESTION #3 Our next question is from our friend Bernie Borges through the Contact Form on our Website. I'm looking for examples of blockchain solutions for B2B and I don't see them. All the talk about brands planning their NFTs are B2C brands like Disney and Starbucks. What can B2B brands like HubSpot, Oracle and CMI do on the blockchain? Should they mint social tokens? Etc. What's your take? QUESTION 4 The next question comes from Eddie Naranjo via the contact form on the site. The question is given the current transition from Web 2 to Web 3 - which business model and tilt would you use to bootstrap a new business for a person who loves Wordpress design, content marketing, affiliate marketing and is really curious about crypto, NFTs and a way to tokenize products or services. QUESTION 5 Our next question is the last in our industry space from Yen Yee  who asked this question via the hashtag on Twitter. What is the current content marketing technology stack at CMI Content, The Content Advisory and The Tilt? ------------ This week's sponsor: Is your content team still split between creative types and numbers people?   How many people on your team actually use Google Analytics every day? is a content analytics platform built to make it easy for your writers, creators, and marketers to become data driven.   Make it easy for your team to understand what content drives conversions. Make it easy for them to see what’s working—and do more of that. Make it easy to prove the impact content has on your business, every day.   In one study, a forty person content team only had eight people using Google Analytics frequently. In other words, they weren’t data driven.   Then they switched to Now, 33 out of 40 people are using to drive results for their business. It’s just that much easier. They’re no longer split between creative types and numbers people—they’re both.   If you’re ready to start understanding the true value of your content and get out in front of your competition. Get a free content analysis from a product specialist by visiting: ------------ QUESTION 6 Our question number six comes from Annie Schiffmann and it's our first audio question. How has the show evolved over 300 episodes.  If I looked at episode 99, 199 and 299 how would you say the show has evolved? QUESTION 7 The Next question is from Esben Johansen and comes via the Twitter Hashtag. If you could add one thing to your fantastic book Killing Marketing what would it be? QUESTION 8 The next question is from John Morgan and comes via the Email Contact Form. Of all the trends that you've covered over the last 8 years, which has been the most surprising, and what has lasted that you didn't think would last? QUESTION 9 Is another audio question - and it comes from our friend Ian Truscott. What is your favorite cocktail? QUESTION 10 Our last question comes from Rebecca and is through the Email Contact Us Form. As you look out to the future of Content Marketing and Content Creators - what do you guys think you'll be talking about on your 400th episode? Thanks to all our wonderful listeners for making this possible. We love you. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    Content Marketing Trends, Pet Peeves and the Best Business Books of All Time [Special Episode] (299)


    In this special Thanksgiving episode, Joe and Robert answer these seven questions: 1. What are we currently reading? Joe is reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Robert is reading Unflattening by Nick Sousanis and Blockchain: Bubble or Revolution. 2. Most influential book of all time and why? Joe's influential books are Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. Robert's are Peter Drucker's Practice of Management, Levitt's Marketing Myopia, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose and The Alchemist. 3. If I wrote a new book right now, what would I write about? Joe would write on the Web 3 Business Model for Content Creators or the sequel to The Will to Die. Robert would write about the wisdom worker. 4. Favorite/best TV show of the year. No contest...Ted Lasso. 5. Favorite current gadget. Joe likes the Ember Heated Coffee Mug and Robert likes Cometeer Coffee. 6. Biggest marketing trend of next 12 months. Joe believes NFTs and the metaverse will be a fad for marketers, but the big trend will be content marketing M&A. Robert believes that powered-by-AI is on the rise. 7. Current marketing or content creation pet peeve? Joe fighting the "do not build your content house on rented land" battle. Robert hates longer than needed blog posts or videos. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    NFTs for Marketing: Stunts vs. Utility (298)


    Is Disney going metaverse? Of course they are, but should they at this point? Joe and Robert discuss exactly what Disney needs to do (and, of course, they will be correct). Miramax is suing Quentin Tarantino over his launch of "Pulp Fiction" NFTs. Joe believes there are major legal landmines here, while Robert believes it's all a marketing stunt. Speaking of NFTs and marketing stunts, this Industry Dive article goes through what brands are doing now to take advantage of the NFT run. Phase 1 is all stunts and short-sighted marketing. Phase 2 will be all about utility. Rants and raves include a DAO buying the US Constitution and Netflix's new power rankings. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    The Token Subscription Model (297)


    With three episodes until the amazing 300th This Old Marketing episode, Joe and Robert discuss the token as a subscription model. Specifically, what would the New York Times look like tokenized? Walgreens goes big with content marketing and now has 87 people assigned to the content group. Is it a good strategy or do they need to go bigger? Joe raves about the ENS token drop and creation of a DAO while Robert raves about what B2B companies need to do to adapt. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    Is Facebook's Move to Meta Good or Evil? (296)


    The big news of the week was Facebook's name change to Meta (for metaverse). But was the purpose of it to distract the The Facebook Papers? Robert says yes, Joe says no, and Nike starts to create IP for Web 3. In the continued platform wars, Google and Amazon start a war with Roku over search and data. Joe raves about the Bankless podcast with Chris Dixon (a16z) about Web 3 and mental models, while Robert raves about Apple's publishing cloth. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    The Platform Wars Heat Up (295)


    Apple's new mobile privacy terms are creating problems for both Snap and Facebook. Twitter showed improvement. Spotify is shining. eSports and entertainment company FaZe clan is doing a SPAC deal worth about $1 billion dollars US. Joe and Robert believe this type of content and incubator system has legs in the content marketing world. Disney lowers Disney+ expectations. Can they compete with Netflix? Rants and raves include a Robert rant - a CB Insights article on brands buying media companies (but not calling it content marketing). Joe raves about NFTs for content creators and Amazon KDP finally offers hardcover books. --------- Liked this show? SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. Catch past episodes and show notes at
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    Donald Trump Launches TRUTH Social (294)


    In headline news, former President Donald Trump launches a right-wing social network called TRUTH, and does it inside a SPAC. Financial services company PayPal sets to acquire Pinterest in what could be the biggest social media deal in over a decade. And then there's Facebook. For a variety of reasons, Zuckerberg's company is set to rebrand under a new name, supposedly with a new mission around the metaverse. Zuckerland? ZikTok? Zinstagram? The MarTech Alliance released a new report on the state of marketing technology. Robert breaks down the highlights of the report, and what marketing professionals need to do because of it. Get the report here. In rants and raves, Robert rants about Advertising Week. Once again, nothing on content marketing. Plus, a four-week rant continues here. Joe raves about this definition of NFTs. This Old Marketing can be found on Twitter at #ThisOldMarketing. -------- The world has changed and so has the way we learn. Embrace a new approach to building the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.  The MarTech Alliance, a specialist learning solutions provider in marketing, tech and data provides a suite of learning options across its events, courses and resources, for individuals and teams.    Combining the digital & physical, live & on demand, formal & informal, micro & intensive/in-depth, instructor led, self serve & community based to deliver rich learning experiences.    From its anti-conference; #MarTechFest, to its market research, webinars and certified digital courses you can keep learning and keep upgrading.    Checkout the MarTech Alliance to help drive your career and company.    For more details visit: --------- Catch past episodes show notes at Get your .site domain today.
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    The Creator Economy Is Not Failing (293)


    Meredith's sale says big things about the future of media. Joe and Robert break down the what and why. Axios says that the creator economy is failing. Why? Because the platforms aren't giving out enough? Because there are big winners and some losers? The creator economy is a huge success. Change the perspective a bit and see. Justin Blau has developed a new NFT marketplace for musicians. Could this be the future business model for content creators? Rants and raves include a huge rave on the Sugar Factory and a continued rant on the lack of calling the practice content marketing. ------- Catch past episodes show notes at Get your .site domain today.
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    Facebook Conspiracy Theories (292)


    This week, Joe and Robert discuss the outage heard around the world...Facebook. What does it mean for marketers and creators? At the same time, Facebook is dealing with whistleblower allegations on the Hill. Well, Facebook's stock tanked and worries surrounded the tech giant. Could Facebook have planned all this? The answer is, maybe. Joe and Robert discuss a number of Facebook conspiracy theories that actually make some sense (if you are drunk or high), from a PR switcheroo to an attack against SNAP and TikTok. In other news, Chase buys Zagat...with a Chase credit card. Rants and raves include an in-depth look at YouTube for creators from MatPat and Playboy's strategy takes a turn. ------- Catch past episodes show notes at Get your .site domain today.
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    9 Content Marketing and Creator Economy Strategies (291 - Special Episode)


    In this very special Content Marketing World episode, Joe and Robert break down their 2021 keynote presentations, talking about the opportunities in the creator economy, for content entrepreneurs and for content marketing professionals. Some strategies discussed include: - Moving from rented to owned land. - The opportunity in email. - Trends in social media. - Social tokens, NFTs and DAOs. - Content marketing mission statements and more. ------- Catch past episodes show notes at Get your .site domain today.

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