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VinFast vs Fisker: EPIC BATTLE of the EV Underdogs! Who Will RULE the Electric Car Future!? | Episode 121

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN as we dive deep into the ELECTRIC INFERNO of the EV industry! 🚗💨 VinFast, Vietnam's DARING newcomer, is setting the roads on FIRE, SHATTERING our expectations! Meanwhile, Fisker's BOLD collaborative strategy is set to CHANGE THE GAME entirely! 🚀 Who will emerge as the champion of this electric duel? 🏆 Subscribe NOW and join us as we uncover the SECRETS to their success, DISCOVER what sets them apart, and witness the BIRTH of a new EV era! 👀 This is the EV BATTLE you CAN'T afford to miss!

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