Phenomenal Ocean podcast

Phenomenal Ocean

Institute Art Gender Nature HGK FHNW Basel and TBA21–Academy

This podcast series explores the agency of the ocean. Can the ocean think? feel? Act? And yes, it does! We have been collaborating with TBA21–Academy for some years now in our common pursuit of a non-binary understanding of the coexistence of culture and nature, of us and the ocean. This podcast series should therefore be viewed as the beginning of a series of humble but meaningful productions that address these very issues. Now that we are so worried about our own existence, we should also consider the existence of other nonhuman forms of life. Now that we are so anxious about our future, we may be able to understand the fear held by nature, by the oceans, by all those that have felt threatened by our actions. We really hope you enjoy this podcast channel and we are looking forward to providing further content and artistic input here and via social media channels as well as the Ocean Archive by TBA21–Academy. OCEAN WANTS Episode 15 to 25, is a series commissioned by TBA21–Academy that playfully explores how nonhumans could like our planet to be. In each episode, writer Ingo Niermann meets with an expert from a different field to ask: What would a given species come up with if it could be as dominant as humans have been? CORONA UNDER THE OCEAN Episode 6 to15 present conversations between guests from various disciplines and writer and curator Sonia Fernández Pan. The series Corona Under the Ocean offers a transoceanic perspective emerging from the fields of marine science, postcolonial studies, speculative histories, and political imagination. PHENOMENAL OCEAN Episode 1 to 5 are based on contributions at The Current II, Summer School, and Convening #2: Phenomenal Ocean, both led by Chus Martínez, and held at TBA21–Academy at Ocean Space in Venice in September 2019. Can what is necessary be as well pleasurable? Can a radical transformation, following the principles of feminism, anti-racism, and anti-fascism eventually be easier than we think and closer than we expect? FURTHER INFORMATION:

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