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What Good Leadership Looks Like with Nikki Ivey, Part 5

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this fifth part of a five-piece Peak Performance Selling Podcast episode, sales culture subject matter expert Nikki Ivey describes what a good leader looks like in specific situations, and why she views consistency as the real indicator of success. 



  • Good leaders are not afraid of a little vulnerability
  • People appreciate being treated like mature adults
  • Success is all about consistency



Why leaders need to demonstrate vulnerability to their employees, says Nikki: "It's important for a leader to be able to show -- and I'm not saying you have to sob to your employees, but some glimmer of 'I am human. I am not infallible. And so, I will treat you like you must be infallible.'"

Nikki on having a leader who gives honest feedback: "Somebody who will tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong in a way that does not seek to coddle me or protect my feelings at all. I feel extremely disrespected if I can tell that someone is trying not to hurt my feelings. That feels like you didn't think I was strong enough to handle the facts of the situation."

Nikki's view of success: "Success is consistently executing the activities I said I was going to execute on in order to get to the big goal. If the big goal doesn't happen, and I did everything I said I was going to do at an elite level, I'm successful."


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