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Stress and Anxiety Management For Sellers with Jeff Riseley, Part 1

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With sales being one of the most demanding professions in the world, it’s prudent to assume that stress and anxiety are just part of the job. In this first of four-part series, your host Jordan Benjamin talks to the founder of the Sales Health Alliance, Jeff Riseley about equipping sellers with the tools to tackle mental health challenges in the workplace in a more productive way. Jeff also opens up about his testicular cancer diagnosis, and why we need to actively reshape the way sellers are perceived in the workplace. 



  • Surviving (but not thriving) in a sink-or-swim sales environment
  • Testicular cancer diagnosis and other life-changing events 
  • Salespeople are basically 'Corporate Athletes' 
  • How to manage anxiety and stress in a productive way 



Jeff on his struggle with mental health as a new seller: "Going to therapy 10 years ago was still highly stigmatized, that's really where I had to make this choice where I was like, I had found this career that I really enjoyed, the learning, the growth, the money you could make, the camaraderie, the rush you get when you close a big deal. But if I wanted to stay in this career, I needed to figure out a way to make myself more resilient."

Jeff's idea that inspired him to start the Sales Health Alliance: "They [salespeople] are not really employees. They're really corporate athletes. So [it's]how do we really start teaching them the ways to navigate stressors in sales in a mentally healthy way to start an upward spiral, instead of a downward spiral by giving them the pads and the helmets they need to play a contact sport." 


You can connect with Jeff and check out his work in the links below:


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