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Learning From Every Lost Deal with Sam Shoolman, Part 3

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

You can do everything right and still fail. That’s just life. However, knowing how to pick apart your failures to look for a nugget of wisdom and learning is the way to getting back on your feet. In this episode of the Peak Performance Selling podcast, our host Jordan Benjamin talks about setting SMART goals, bouncing back from tough quarters, and shares what his idea of personal success looks like. 



  • Set achievable goals by starting small 
  • How to bounce back from a tough month or quarter
  • Make people look forward to their interactions with you 
  • Sam's favorite interview questions
  • What Sam's idea of personal success looks like



Sam on the importance of setting achievable goals: "Meet someone where they're at, and make it something they can actually do. Because then they'll actually try for it. And have a foundation they can build on to do more down the road. Some people shy away or scare from setting goals that don't seem aggressive enough. But like, if you're coming from nothing right now, then anything is something."

Sam's tips for helping managers bounce back from a tough month or quarter: "There's learning from every failure and every lost deal. And if we're accounting for that, we're able to say, 'okay, so here are the five things that I'm focused on doing differently this quarter. This week, how can I support you with that? How are we tracking it? Make it a smart goal. Make it specific, measurable, actionable, [realistic], and time-bound. That's all really important.'"

Sam's idea of personal success: "Success would be that I'm raising a family and contributing to a community where I live and where I work that's leaving it better than it was, and using my skill sets to do that. I have a platform, and I shouldn't be wasting it with silence on important topics."


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