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Importance of Mental Health Days for Peak Performance with Jeff Riseley, Part 4

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Jeff Riseley is back in this 4th and final installment of his series. In this episode, Jeff and Jordan discuss the importance of mental health days and taking time off to support employees' mental health. They talk about how companies can improve in this area and how sellers can use these days to their advantage.



JEFF: Have a deep understanding of your “why”

"You need that deep understanding that you have to have a really strong company vision and deep connection with your work to make work more meaningful. So the why behind why it's important to start showing up your best self and use this time to rest to come back, do some of these more challenging things to come back the next week when you're feeling better so that you can perform your best…”

JEFF: How companies can treat their employees better

"I think the biggest piece is like, we need to start building recovery metrics on a daily basis, we have to kind of start understanding the difference in terms of how stress works, because like we talked about earlier, our brain is not built to hunt, hunt, hunt then stop, it just isn't, there need to be recovery periods built in.”


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