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Democratizing Sales: How You Can Build A Genuinely Diverse Workplace Nikki Ivey, Part 4

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this fourth part of a five-piece episode of the Peak Performance Selling Podcast, sales culture subject matter expert Nikki Ivey talks about combating setbacks through preparation, and the steps you can take to help make a genuinely diverse workplace. 



  • Don't shy away from putting yourself out there 
  • We're all just stumbling through life and doing our best 
  • Selling is a lot like performing orchestral music
  • Remind yourself that you've done this so many times before
  • Democratizing the sales profession  



Why surviving every day is a struggle, but we do it anyway says Jordan: "Our brain is constantly telling us that we don't have the knowledge [and] the skills, we're not good enough, whatever it might be. And so it takes active creation to factor it in your day, to know that you're gonna get beat up, to know that you're gonna struggle and to put yourself in your best position to win the morning."

Nikki on how you can combat any curveball or objection thrown your way: "This is about how the brain works. This is about preparedness. Without the sheet music in front of you, if any little piece of doubt or uncertainty creeps up, you might freak out. But if you have factored that in, and then taken steps by putting the next steps right in front of yourself, then you're less likely to stay off track."

Nikki on how you can help 'democratize' the sales profession: "Even if you can't solve the problem of getting more people from different backgrounds on your team, you can certainly start taking steps to make the environment more welcoming for the people that you do have and for the ones that you're trying to recruit."


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