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'Compete With No One But Yourself' And Other Motivational Hacks With Nikki Ivey, Part 3

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this third part of a five-piece episode of the Peak Performance Selling Podcast, sales culture subject matter expert Nikki Ivey talks about motivation, success, and bouncing back from failure. Nikki ruminates about the nature of motivation, effective goal-setting, and using small successes in a day to propel yourself towards larger and more critical goals. 



  • Chart your moods and be aware of any trends
  • Don't wait for motivation to come, because it likely won't
  • Set yourself up for success by setting small goals
  • Train your brain by making it get used to the feeling of success
  • Focus on your own personal journey
  • How to bounce back from failure



Nikki on creating your own motivation: "Do a thing that helps me feel successful. Do a thing that gives me a sense of accomplishment and that is where the motivation comes from. So it's the other way around. Not the motivation breeds success, the success breeds the motivation."

Nikki's advice for people looking to enhance their talents: "I have these gifts, I have these skills. That's just gotta take off like a rocket ship anywhere, doesn't it? No. I have to take off like a rocket ship. And I have to do it everyday. And that's just the way it is."

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