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Be Child-Like In Your Gratitude with Jeff Riseley, Part 2

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As adults, responsibilities can take over our lives, leading to days filled with worry, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, the technology that’s supposed to help make our lives easier can even contribute to the already stressful environment that we find ourselves in. 

In this second of a four-part series, Jordan continues his conversation with Sales Health Alliance founder Jeff Riseley about mental health management tips to help you not only to survive but thrive in your workplace. Jeff particularly hones in on gratitude, and how focusing on positive takeaways can literally strengthen your brain muscles and help you gain a healthy disposition, regardless of the situation you are in. 



  • Is technology taking over your life?
  • Helpful habits for managing your mental health more effectively 
  • Focusing on gratitude can do wonders for your brain health 
  • Be child-like in your gratitude 



Jeff on the dangers of letting technology drive you: "The technology that we surround ourselves each day, it loves when we're not thinking logically. And it loves when we're in react mode. Because when we're in react mode and we're feeling emotional, we're going to turn to things like social media and our devices to try and replace that void that we're feeling." 

Jeff on neuroplasticity and gratitude: "You can literally strengthen muscles in your brain and change how our brain is operating by executing on things like gratitude, which is huge. So the more you kind of go back and reflect and focus on the positive things taking place that may have been overshadowed by a massive deal falling through, or getting stuck in traffic, or that person cutting you off in the street. The more you go back and reflect on those things, the more your brain learns how to direct attention and become focused on those things moving forward."


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