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Battling Mental Health Problems By Building Trust In The Organization with Jeff Riseley, Part 3

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Jeff Riseley is back and he discusses the importance of trust in sales teams and how companies can improve their mental health and performance. He also talks about some of the challenges that companies face in terms of effective mental health and how to overcome them. Jeff also discusses how the brain is naturally built to be on guard, and how this affects the way sales is structured.



JEFF: His mission to help people experience mental health problems

"If I can help that one person who might not be sleeping, or dealing with a panic attack, panic attack, or even give just one person a little bit of hope, my attention is all focused on serving them. So I'm lucky that I get to do this on a daily basis, and I genuinely get a lot of motivation from helping people pass that.”

JEFF: The importance of trust in sales and organizations

"It's only when we're in environments and we're in situations when we can drop that guard to feel safe, and it really comes down to do I trust the people that I'm working with on a daily basis to have them have my best interests at heart. Because only when we're in a trusting situation. Well, that middle part of the brain that's on guard, shut down and say here creativity and logic, go do your amazing things like close up a big deal or learn that objection handle or do all of these cool things that we need to do as humans to thrive.”


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