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164: Part I, Courtney Mulhern and Dan Joseph on the book "Backpack to Rucksack"

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today, Courtney Mulhern interviews Dan Joseph, Author of the Combat Psych website and the book Backpack to Rucksack: Insight Into Leadership and Resilience From Military Experts. 

His articles and tools are to help soldiers and families build mental fitness and overcome past trauma so that they can live healthier / happier lives. 

As you know from Courtney Mulhern's episode, she is a practicing therapist and a terrific interviewer, so I put the two together for this episode.

Dan Joseph's info:

"Backpack to Rucksack: Insight Into Leadership and Resilience From Military Experts":

Website "Combat Psych" where you can find more information about him and the things he's working on:

Instagram: @mhen2.mentalhealth

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