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158 Introducing the 1st CAG Human Dimension Podcast

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome to the One CA Podcast.

This week, we introduce the USMC 1st CAG Human Dimension Podcast.

This is the first pilot episode 1st and hosted by Major Searls, with guests including Major Antonov, Captain Johnson, and Staff Sergeant Camos. The Marines discussed their experiences at Operation BRIGHT STAR 2023.

The original is located at:

One CA is a product of the civil affairs association 

and brings in people who are current or former military, diplomats, development officers, and field agents to discuss their experiences on the ground with a partner nation's people and leadership.

We aim to inspire anyone interested in working in the "last three feet" of US foreign relations. 

To contact the show, email us at CApodcasting@gmail dot com

or look us up on the Civil Affairs Association website at www

I'll have those in the show notes.

Lastly, special thanks to 90sHipHop Instrumental for sharing a sample of the song Jump Around by House of Pain. You can find the source at:

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