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154 Angie Smith, Environmental Science and Foreign Policy

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Please welcome Angie Smith, environmental Scientist and Civil Affairs Officer. 

Angie and her team travel globally to partner nations to assess resource use and advise on sustainable development. 

Her team has helped countries like the Marshal Islands with resource management to mitigate climate change.   In this episode, Angie will talk about her trade, and how it helps the U.S. build foreign relations with the international community.

In a future episode, she will return with their new partner, Wisconsin University.  

One CA Podcast aims to inspire people interested in working on-ground to forward U.S. foreign policy. 

We bring in people who are current or former military, diplomats, development officers, and field agents to discuss their experiences and recommendations for working the "last three feet" of foreign relations.

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