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Episode 88: It's a Book Review Episode! Reviewing the Star Wars Novel "Rebel Rising" by Beth Revis

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

MAJOR Spoilers ahead in this episode if you have not read the book "Rebel Rising," so proceed with caution! With that being said, we have recently read the novel and have many, MANY thoughts on it (especially after seeing the "Andor" series)! This is the story of Jyn Erso's life after Saw Gerrera rescues her from the bunker on Lah'mu in "Rogue One," and spans through the years leading up to when we see her again in the movie. The novel also answers a lot of the questions on where Jyn's attitude, her fighting skills, her growing abandonment issues, and her eventual hope for the future comes from. We'll discuss all this and more, and explain all the incredible (and heartbreaking) similarities there are between Jyn's story and Cassian's story. We ask the question: did the Force bring them together in the end? We give our answers and we hope you provide us yours as well. 

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