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Moral Psychology - 5 November 2014 - Hedonism and Well-Being

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
Professor Roger Crisp (Philosophy, Oxford) Professor Andrew MacLeod (Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London) Abstract This event focuses on the empirical psychological and philosophical questions surrounding well-being and the good life. It will be chaired by Dr. Gillian Sandstrom (Psychology, University of Cambridge) and will include presentations by Prof. Crisp (5pm) and Prof. MacLeod (6pm), each followed by discussion between speakers and Q&A. Professor Roger Crisp is a Uehiro fellow and professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. His work is dedicated to fundamental questions about the nature of well-being and the role of virtue in a well-lived life. He is the author of Mill on Utilitarianism (1997) and Reasons and the Good (2006) and editor of The Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics (2013), among many others. Professor Andrew MacLeod is a professor of Clinical Psychology and director of the clinical doctorate program of the Royal Holloway University of London. He is a leading researcher in the field of mental health and well-being, and adopts a positive psychological approach to the design of clinical and nonclinical interventions.

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