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Bridging the Gap between Spirituality and Science; D. Neil Elliott

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D. Neil Elliott was highly educated, owned a profitable consulting firm, and had a successful career and an amazing wife and family. But things were not all they seemed to be … Neil was facing a lot of challenges. In a phrase, he was in a dark place. Quite by accident, he discovered a Higher Road. As he traveled that road, he found the key to transforming his life. Over the course of the following year, Neil lifted himself to an inner state of love, peace, joy, and abundance. His perspectives on life changed entirely. His troubles and tribulations were his impetus to find the key that enabled him to revolutionize his life. He learned that the search for a better life does not entail positive thinking, saying affirmations, chanting mantras, or traveling to India to sit at the feet of a guru—or any other popularized method of “finding yourself.” …The key? To ascend in both spiritual perception and truth, you need to use the right process to break through your entrenched, human-ego barriers.

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  • His wife.
Effect on Emotions
  • When you go through this process, mindfulness is part of the tool of helping me be aware of what I'm doing in the moment and with conscious thinking. But actually understanding this foundational stuff, allows that mindfulness to actually give me a different perspective of it. So it's actually becoming more powerful for me; without knowing what I now know about our truth of being or the source of where we come from and why we're here.
Thoughts on Breathing
  • So when you are anxious or at a heightened state of anxiety, whether that's something that's exciting or fearful, for instance, if you can stop and bring your breath and be conscious and aware of your breath and slow it, the mind controls the body, the breath controls the mind.
  • So if you can actually breathe, you can start to control the anxiety and subdue the anxiety; whatever the source of that is. So breathing is very important in terms of the whole process of getting control of your thinking. Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Science
Suggested Resources Bullying Story
  • I was coming home from school. I don't know how old I was, there was a black child. So a black family moved into this community back in the 60s, of all white people. And there was this black child, and he was older than me. So maybe he was in grade five or grade six.
  • There were three older white boys, the same age as this black boy. And they were degrading this boy. They made them kneel down on the ground. I don't want to get into all kinds of specifics on this, but they made him kneel into the ground and they were spitting on him and calling them names.
  • I was like in grade three. I felt sorry for that kid; he didn't deserve that. At the time I felt like these kids should not be doing this. But I thought if I intervened I'd get the crap kicked out of me. So I avoided it but part of me right now would say, I kind of wish that little boy would have had the fortitude to step up and say stop that, even if I got beat up.
  • But you know, I didn't. It was a lesson that has stuck with me about how we treat other people.  Bridging the Gap Between Spirituality and Science
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