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Archangel Changemaker 2022

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Last weekend I attended the Archangel Changemaker Event at Beanfield Centre in Toronto. It was a 2-day event put on by Giovanni Marsico. I’ve attended the annual Archangel Event since about 2016. The live event didn’t happen during COVID, so last weekend was the first in-person gathering since 2019. Today I’ll tell you a little about this awesome event. There was a long list of speakers so I’ll mention a few of them.

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First, I was excited that Steve Sims was attending as a speaker. I interviewed Steve back in 2018. His episode was #360. He is a guy who has worked with Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson and made incredible things happen for these and so many other people. He has planned events, arranged for people to meet, and generally led a fascinating life doing things that most of us wouldn’t even dream of. I was able to talk to Steve and get a photo with him and I’ll tell you he was really personable and approachable. If you want to check out Steve, find him at www.SteveWSims.com and you can listen to his MM interview by going to www.mindfulnessmode.com/360

2/ Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren was another speaker who had an interesting and memorable talk. He encourages people to start a membership site. He’s been helping people start membership sites since 2008 and he’s helped a huge list of ppl become successful by using this strategy. . He is a fellow Canadian, also from Ontario. He talked about several people who had created interesting membership sites including Art2Life Academy, The Twisterhood where they make balloon animals, and Tony’s Acoustic Challenge where Men Over 50 play the acoustic guitar together. Stu had a segment during his talk when he got people in the audience to participate in a sing-along of the song, Every Little Thing by Bob Marley. Towards the end of his talk, he told us about his non-profit organization called ‘Village Impact’ where he builds schools in rural Kenya for underprivileged children.

3/ Danielle Laporte

Another speaker who had a powerful impact on me was Danielle Laporte. I’ve heard her speak before and again, she was incredible. She started by talking about acceptance and how her definition of acceptance is ‘wonder and awe tinged with respect’. She talked about fear and how we all create our own fear and that we should not try to avoid it. She said we should practice loving kindness with our doubts and shame. She said we should all ‘choose loving thoughts’, and that ‘energy follows thought’. She said to think about this question: How do I want to feel?

Danielle has a new book coming out in October called, “How To Be Loving: As Your Heart Is Breaking Open and Our World Is Waking Up”. I encourage you to purchase the book, I know I’m looking forward to reading it.

Book: How To Be Loving: As Your Heart Is Breaking Open by Danielle Laporte

4/ Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik was also speaking on the weekend, and I’ve heard him before as well. He started by talking about how we can all ‘Upgrade Our Brain’ just as he teaches in his book, ‘Upgrade Your Brain: Learn Anything Faster and Unlock Your Exceptional Life.’ He talked about three M’s: Mindset, Motivation, and Method. He said Mindset represented possibility, motivation was about purpose and method was about the process. He said, “If you fight for your limitation, you are going to achieve them.” He also talked about an effective formula for life which is PXEXS3. That represents Purpose times Energy, times small, simple steps. He emphasized that the key to achieving success is taking small simple steps consistently. I would like to have Jim and Danielle as a guest on Mindfulness Mode.

Book: Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain by Jim Kwik

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