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A Hypnotic Approach to Wellness; Adrianne Hart

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Adrianne Hart is a wellness advocate, hypnotist, and the host of the Get Well With Me podcast. She has helped thousands of people reduce stress, dissolve anxiety and upgrade their health and wellness by introducing them to the healing powers of their unconscious minds. so

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Effect on Emotions
  • I'm naturally hot-headed. My trigger button is pretty hot. So listening to a self-hypnosis recording, about not being triggered has helped me tremendously to be able to notice when I'm triggered, to be able to disassociate, and hit the cool button instead of the hot button has absolutely changed my life. And every time I noticed that I'm getting to that place again, I put that recording on and it reels me right in.  Hypnotic Approach to Wellness
Thoughts on Breathing
  • My favorite, I guess it's not a technique, it's more of a mindfulness technique and it's really a hypnotic induction. So to notice that when I breathe in how the air is cool and refreshing, and to notice that when I exhale, it's warm and relaxing.
  • And doing that just a few times puts me into a beautiful, trance-like state, or depending on the circumstance, it reminds me that it is safe to be here now. Hypnotic Approach to Wellness
Suggested Resources Bullying Story
  • So in middle school, I don't want to say that I was bullied because I saw people, I saw friends being bullied. And that was kind of different than being picked on a little bit. I was very small for my age, sometimes I was referred to as the runt of the family. I was smaller than everyone even though I was the oldest.
  • I was even called an Oompa Loompa for being so tiny and short. So those things kind of stuck with me but as far as being bullied, if you've ever ridden the school bus, bullying happens on the school bus.
  • So I drove my son to school every day. And I think that deep down, I wanted to protect him from what happened on the school bus.
  • I remember one time, some boys in the back of a bus, one boy was holding down the arm of a more scrawny kid. And the other one was just as far as I could tell they were going to break his arm. Therefore, I think mindfulness could have helped if I would have had the courage to say something. Hypnotic Approach to Wellness
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