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Ep 132: Waxahatchee reflects on the success of 'Saint Cloud', it's affect on new album 'Tigers Blood' and where Charlie Sheen fits into it all

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Katie Crutchfield aka American artist Waxahatchee joins Stu on the podcast to look back on how she arrived at her sixth album, Tigers Blood, following on from her 2021 breakthrough record Saint Cloud

Just what does having a breakthrough record do to an artist? How will Katie navigate 2024? Is MJ Lenderman the most talented young dude in US indie rock right now? And what was Charlie Sheen talking about when he said he was drinking Tigers Blood back in 2011? 

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Links to stuff mentioned in the episode: 

Listen to Tigers Blood on Bandcamp

'Right Back To It' live on the Late Show with MJ Lenderman

Waxahatchee 2013 interview around Cerulean Salt

Charlie Sheen's Tiger's Blood moment


Interview and editing by Stuart Stubbs 

Mixing and mastering by Flo Lines

Artwork by Kate Prior

Video by Robbie Hamilton


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