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Ep 129: GRIFF

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

It’s surprising to find 23-year-old British songwriter GRIFF’s feet firmly on the ground, given her extraordinary experiences the past three years. 

It’s been a steep rocket ride: from bedroom songwriter to a powerful breakthrough performance at the BRITs, and onto the stages of stadiums with Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran. Coldplay’s Chris Martin is such a fan the duo collaborated on the song ‘Astronaut’. 

And so here we are in 2024, and GRIFF is preparing to release her debut album vertigo in July. Not before she tells Greg Cochrane about growing up in sleepy Hertfordshire feeling like an outsider, being a foster sibling and eating chips with her all time icon Taylor Swift. 

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Links to stuff mentioned in the episode: 

Watch GRIFF’s live performance of Black Hole at the 2021 BRIT Awards 

Listen to the single ‘Miss Me Too’ 

The making of ‘Astronaut’ with Coldplay’s Chris Martin 

GRIFF welcomes special guests to try and ‘Beat The Clock’ 


Interview by Greg Cochrane 

Editing by Stuart Stubbs 

Mixing and mastering by Flo Lines

Artwork by Kate Prior

Video by Robbie Hamilton

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