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Ep 127: Brian Eno

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Surprise! When you get an icon like Brian Eno on the podcast, it cannot wait until our usual Monday night drop. So we come to you early. 

Welcome to this special, bonus "Earth Day" (22 April) edition of the podcast. Brian Eno is a trailblazing musician, producer and activist. Working with everyone from U2 to Talking Heads, Coldplay to Grace Jones, he's also deeply passionate about climate action, and is the co-founder of Earth/Percent.

Today they launch Sounds Right where a group of huge artists are releasing new music where "NATURE" is the featured artist, and receives credit and royalty. A radically simple initiative. No biggy, but Brian's song is one he originally co-wrote with David Bowie. 'Get Real' features hyenas and some wild pigs

Greg Cochrane went to his legendary studio in London in March 2024 to record this conversation. 

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He also talks about the release of the "definitive Brian Eno documentary" – a new movie premiering in London on about the story of his life. This is Eno, though, there is a twist. It's a generative film powered by AI so will be different everytime it's screened. Plus, he demos Greg some previously unheard music and talks about the geopolitical state of the world in 2024. 

Enjoy. We'll be back in your feeds as usual this coming Monday night at midnight (BST). 

Links to stuff mentioned in the episode: 

Listen to the reimagined 'Get Real' by Brian Eno and David Bowie

Read more about Earth/Percent

Check out the Sounds Right initiative and listen to the songs 

More about 'Eno' the "definitive" documentary about Brian's life

Stream the accompanying soundtrack to the 'Eno' movie 

Brian's musical contributions to Sounds Right used The Listening Planet – a non-profit acoustic ecology sound library

Jarvis Cocker discussing his 'Biophobia' music and climate project 

Hard Art – a think tank for creative resistance 

Listen to Brian Eno speaking to Greg on the Sounds Like A Plan podcast 


Interview by Greg Cochrane 

Editing by Stuart Stubbs 

Mixing and mastering by Flo Lines

Artwork by Kate Prior

Video by Robbie Hamilton 

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