Lifefulness: Live Life Fully podcast

Lifefulness: Live Life Fully

Sanderson Jones

Lifefulness: Live Life Fully is all about helping you live life fully through Lifefulness - the clue is in the name.

Join Sanderson Jones, James Croft and an incredible guest in a no bullshit conversation about reimagining religion and remixing spirituality.

Think of Lifefulness as Thought for the Day after 4 beers, or On Being gone day drinking.

What will you get?

Each guest will have something to teach you, and us, about how to live life fully by looking to modern science as well as ancient wisdom.

What's Lifefulness? Lifefulness is a practice that reinvents the spiritual community, and approach to life, in a way that everyone can take part.

The pioneering approach was developed by our host, Sanderson Jones, at Sunday Assembly - the global network of secular and inclusive congregational communities. Now he and James are writing a book on Lifefulness.

So what are you waiting for?

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