Filmmaking life Podcast podcast

Filmmaking life Podcast


The Filmmaking Life Podcast is the audio channel of the biggest leading worldwide community of filmmakers on Instagram. Our podcasts feature talks and interviews with one of the best filmmakers and creatives from all around the world and we are trying to provide the most valuable information out there.

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  • Filmmaking life Podcast podcast

    Creative VS Business - @ErickHercules


    During the beginning of our creative careers, it took us a lot to understand how are we supposed to manage our business side of it. Being creative it feels at times difficult to make decisions that will positively affect your business and create goals you wish to achieve. We invited our favourite creative businessman @Erickhercules to share with us some tips and insights that will help you have a better understanding of your business side.
  • Filmmaking life Podcast podcast

    From Zero to winning Multiple Awards in 2020 - @Shewolffilms


    In this episode, we are going to share a story from Emily Skye about What it takes to produce over 15 award-winnings on her last short film "River" in 2020, Sharing her thoughts and deep advice about the filmmaking industry from a female filmmaker perspective.
  • Filmmaking life Podcast podcast

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  • Filmmaking life Podcast podcast

    Art of Travel Filmmaking - @benn_tk


    One of the best parts of being a filmmaker is having the ability to capture people, places, and ideas that might otherwise go unseen, and then sharing them with the world. Today, we had an amazing Guest @benn_tk an incredibly talented travel videographer from Australia sharing his incredibly inspiring story about his career with unique advice that may inspire all of us to do more traveling and exploring the world through our eyes!

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