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#44 Future oriented student journey

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The Digital Credentials for Higher Education Institutions project, short DiBiHo, is like a step-to-the-moon for a future oriented student journey. Technical University of Munich TU München, German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and Hasso-Plattner Institute HPI have jointly developed a proof of concept working towards digital technologies for mutual acceptance of diploma and certificates worldwide. Here are my interview guests and project leads: Kathleen Clancy, DAAD: Communication and stakeholder management Alexander Mühle, HPI: Self sovereign identity platform management, technical development and system design Felix Hoops, TUM: technical coordination and system design Benefits4Students: they control their data, can easily apply at a multitude of universities worldwide, process their diplomas online and use these for future applications. Benefits4Universities: exploring new areas of research, achieve interoperability in international research, expand academic and researcher exchange Benefits4Germany: participation in international research targeting global challenges, entering into discussion with international leading universities like MIT and Harvard, who are members of the Digital Credential Consortium Next steps: Expanding the community of participants in Germany & Europe Further testing of the proof of concept Joining the Moving Target Digitalisation Conference November 30th - December 2nd in Berlin, further information: https://www.daad.de/en/the-daad/what-we-do/moving-target/

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