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Since 1982, Colorado UpLift has been developing youth with a vision of building up new generations of urban leaders. But UpLift’s passion for leadership and community transformation doesn’t end with its students. Join Joe Sanders (UpLift’s CEO) and Brian Stamer (COO) as they interview leaders from across the Denver area to learn how they overcome challenges, what makes them passionate, and how they have become positive change-makers. Each episode will enlighten, energize, and equip listeners to make a difference in their own communities.

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    Company's values with Matt Turner


    In the path to enlighten and energize you to positively impact your community, Josh Sanders talks with Matt Turner, Managing Partner at MorningStar Senior Living to talk about his journey in the business world and his partnership with Ken Jaeger, who started the senior living facility. Matt shares the company's values and explains the importance of faith as the basis for everything they do. Also, the importance of stability and sustainability in their platform and the virtuous circle of investing in communities. The past year changed the way senior facilities had to work. Matt shares the challenges they confront during the pandemic and how the future looks. Lastly, he gives us great advice about purpose and meaning in work and what connects that with the team members. Learn more about ColoradoUpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/   Learn more about MorningStar Senior Living: https://www.morningstarseniorliving.com/  
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    How leaders can make a difference in their communities with Brandon Johnson


    In today´s episode, Joe Sanders talks with Brandon Johnson, principal, and CEO of Johnson Financial Group and supporter of COUplift, to reflect on how leaders can make a difference in their communities and transform lives by taking part in the solutions through a supportive and servant leadership. Johnson shares how the company started, what they do, their values, and how they dealt with an overwhelming situation during the pandemic. He shares the most significant challenges and what they accomplished in these past months, and how innovation is involved in their company. One of the values they hold dear is their engagement with their community. They pay attention to different aspects to support companies that share that value. It also talks about the importance of education as a base to achieve personal growth and how it helps the community. Brandon shares his ideas and advice with leaders and corporations that want to impact the community by adding value to other people by pursuing happiness.
  • Leading On Purpose podcast

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  • Leading On Purpose podcast

    Leading on Purpose Live - Peter Lynch


    On this path to discover the power you have to change your community, In today's episode, we have Peter Lynch, the Chief People Officer at Cardinal Group Companies, TED speaker and with experience in coaching and known for his impactful storytelling. Peter explains the necessity of an authentic contagious culture that can stimulate emotions inside everyone through light. He describes his model with three key elements that drive light in the culture: conversation, connection, and calling. He believes we can do better every day, and he highlights the importance of imperfections to build a culture. The ability to help people, to have a voice, and at the same time connect with them, he explains a combination of two elements that can drive you to understand your business, community, family needs and give you a voice and your path. Learn more about Colorado UpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/ Learn more about Cardinal Group: https://cardinalgroup.com/  
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    Leading on Purpose Live - Kari Granger


    We have been hearing speakers' talks for our Leading on Purpose Live conference, explaining the passion for building up leadership. In today's episode, we listen to our third keynote Kari Granger, combat veteran and an expert in high-intensity and complex situations. Granger is the founder and CEO of Granger Network, a resource for executives and leadership development. Granger raises a shifting point for what we denominate transformative leadership beyond what we know or think, saying that is how we observe. Discover what this leadership is and how the realization of a future involves her story in the military force. She explains her shifting in perspective, the importance of actions to achieve results, and the three questions people ask themselves. At last, Granger gives us the key to transformative leadership. Learn more about Colorado UpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/ Learn more about Granger Network: https://grangernetwork.com  
  • Leading On Purpose podcast

    Leading on Purpose Live - Jason Janz


    We continue exploring and celebrating effective and transformational leadership with our Leading on Purpose Live conference. In today´s episode, we will share our second keynote, Jason Janz, co-founder and CEO of CrossPurpose, a nonprofit with the mission of abolishing relational, economic, and spiritual poverty to career and community development. Through his journey, Janz shares his vision about leadership in the organization and its program for people who live in financial poverty to build a career opportunity. He explains the Cross Purpose’s Program: economic capital, social capital, and spiritual capital. Also, Janz shares how he learned how segregate the city is and explains the individual poverty and systemic poverty through his experiences. He gives us the principles that we can apply to improve our communities, leaving behind the cheap charity and listen, have lasting solutions. The CrossPurpose journey began in 2008 when we learned what it meant to “love our neighbor.” Learn more about Colorado UpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/ Learn more about CrossPurpose: https://www.crosspurpose.org/
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    Leading on Purpose Live - Walt Rakowich


    Our conference Leading on Purpose Live took place a few weeks ago to celebrate leaderships and to explore the season topic: leaders and their engagement with their communities. In today´s episode, we share our first keynote speaker for the conference Walt Rakowich, chairman of the board for Colorado Uplift and former CEO of Prologis, a global real estate company. Walt Rakowich talks about his experience in Prologis as CEO, in one of the most challenging times in the economy, to explain the importance of outstanding leadership to improve transformation in companies. Without authentic and transparent leadership, companies could crack. Walt explains what great leaders do to make a company great (sometimes great again) and the two biggest demons any leader has to deal with through examples. In his intervention explains what leadership mean to him and the importance of leading with transformative influence, a topic that he explores in his book Transfluence: How To Lead With Transformative Influence In Today’s Climates Of Change https://waltrakowich.com/book/ Walt Rakowich shares his leadership lessons for day-to-day related to the three essential virtues that best leaders have: humility, honesty, and heart; that can be applied for all people leading a big corporate, a business, or leading at home. For Walt Rakowich, leadership is about humanizing your approach. Learn more about Walt Rakowich: https://waltrakowich.com/
  • Leading On Purpose podcast

    A Sneak Peek of Leading on Purpose Live with Nicole Peters


    On today´s mini-episode, Colorado UpLift’s Development Director, Nicole Peters, provides a preview of Leading on Purpose Live, a conference exploring and celebrating effective and transformational leadership. This half-day, the hybrid conference features five renowned leaders and speakers as well as Colorado UpLift students and alumni who are passionate about bringing positive change to their communities through character and leadership. Dr. Joe Sanders also gives us a sneak peek of what his talk will feature. Joins us on May 13th for this event and discover how to impact your community through leadership! Register Now: https://coloradouplift.org/leading
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    Engaging in Education with Pete Ferguson


    In past episodes, we’ve talked about adding value to education and schools with a variety of guests. This week we’re wrapping up this subtheme by talking to Pete Ferguson, a Youth Development Coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska. Joe talks with Pete about his role as a relationship engagement specialist, his background, and his passion for letting young scholars know their value and capacity to succeed. Additionally, Pete explores some of the current trends in education while also discussing the relationship between schools and the broader community.   Learn more about UpLift: ColoradoUpLift.org   Register for Leading on Purpose Live: ColoradoUpLift.org/Leading   Learn More about Pete Ferguson: https://peterfergusonbhs.com/
  • Leading On Purpose podcast

    Broadening Student Opportunities with Scott Burke


    This week we’re continuing our theme of adding value to schools and education with Scott Burke, the Assistant Principal and CTE Pathway Director of Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver. In the episode, Scott talks about the different programs and initiatives Lincoln is building to give its students more options for success during and after high school. He also discusses the relationship between a school and the broader community and practical ways for people to get involved in improving local schools.   Learn more and register for Leading on Purpose Live: https://coloradouplift.org/leading/  Learn more and donate to Colorado UpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/  
  • Leading On Purpose podcast

    Progressing During the Pandemic with Dr. Kristin Waters


    This week, Joe and Brian check in once again with Dr. Kristin Waters, the principal of George Washington High School and Leading on Purpose's very first podcast guest back in 2019! Dr. Waters talks about the progress her school is making on its initiatives and strategic plan even during the pandemic and provides insight into education trends as a whole.    Learn more about George Washington High School: https://gwhs.dpsk12.org Learn more and donate to Colorado UpLift: https://coloradouplift.org/

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