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Just Be episode 14 Estimulo (EstimuloShow, Mixomat Recordings)

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Our first release of 2014 at Just Be and its from Estimulo (EstimuloShow, Mixomat Recordings) He brings us a tasty pitched back mix with classic house flavors, deep grooves and disco/electro influences with this superb mix. This is the the sort of mix you could just sit and listen to over and over again with a nice relaxed tempo and vibe at the start that builds into more rawer house sounds, its a really good balanced musical journey and shows what a great Dj/selector Estimulo is. Estimulo caught the music bug in the age of 4, when black and dance groups like Chic appealed to him thru the airwaves of Berlin city. Quickly he started recording music from the radio and cutting his own radio shows and mixes and a tape recorder and reel to reel. Later on in 1983 his grandma gave him what was to become his first vinyl record by legendary hip hop group Whodini. Disco, Soul and Electro Funk were the main influences until in 1988 he first heard a programme called "The Big Beat" that aired on friday night and was pumping all the hot import shit, from HINRG to early house music. Apart from radio, a random find a random find of Chicago House artist Mr Fingers seminal "Ammnesia" album in the bargain bin of some music store in 1989 started his voyage into classic house and techno, mainly from the USA. In 1991 the techno scene exploded in Berlin and the sound was getting harder and harder. Though he was interested in the scene and went to many of the parties, he was naturally drawn towards a deeper and more soulful side of things. He set up his own little pirate station and broadcasted all kinds of electronic beats to his neighborhood. Aside from studying Computer Engineering he was taking first steps into production with the famous Fasttracker software on the Amiga and PC. Putting mixes online followed and in 2001 the mixomat.de page was launched to feature his mixes, followed by the label Mixomat Recordings which released the music of Marco Nega, Immer.Chic, Igor O. Vlasov, Rezkar and Serendipity, just to name a few. In 2007 he moved back to his passion for radio and founded the weekly internet radio show called "EstimuloShow". EstimuloShow has grown into a world-wide collective featuring such presenters as Malcolm Moore (Altered Moods), Truly-Madly, Mike Bishop, Chicagodeep & Taelue and Mick Welch (Elektrosouls Recordings) alongside Estimulo & Makarov. What is more, EstimuloShow has featured guest DJ performances by artists such as Chicago Skyway (Eargasmic, Uzuri), Specter (Tetrode Music, Downbeat), Steven Tang (Emphasis), Simoncino (Mathematics, HotMix, No More Hits). In the past years Estimulo has played venues such as ://about blank, Horst, Paloma Bar, Südblock, Chez Jacki (ex-Maria am Ostbahnhof), Champagneria, Freudenzimmer and Diller as a DJ. The Futura event organisation agency was launched in 2008, to host events in ://about blank, Horst as well as Chez Jacki and M12, and to bring artists like Lowtec (Workshop, USM), Even Tuell (Airbag Craftworks), Keith Worthy (Aesthetic Audio), Gerd Janson (Running Back), I-F (Intergalactic FM, Viewlexx), Arne Weinberg (AW-Recordings, Diametric), Fabrice Lig (R&S, F Communications, Versatile), Rune Lindbaek (Noid, Smalltown Supersound), Simoncino (Mathematics, HotMix, OTP), Kuba Sojka (Mathematics), Malcolm Moore (Altered Moods), Snuff Crew (Snuff Trax, Gigolo, Skylax, Nature) and Hardrock Striker (Skylax) to Berlin on their club nights. Enjoy Estimulo's mix and for more info on Estimulo or Just Be follow the links below and don't forget to subscribe to Just Be on iTunes to get the monthly mix direct to your iTunes. Links.. https://www.facebook.com/JustBePodcast http://www.mixomat.org/estimuloshow/

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