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Freddy Guime

The Java Off-Heap Podcast brings together the latest tech news for the java professional. We go over the news and current issues and discuss them in depth, bringing the knowledge of a top circle of professionals from Chicago. Come take a listen and figure out what's going on in the Java world!

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  • Java Off-Heap podcast

    OffHeap 69. Ok, so the internet burned down with Log4J.


    Hopefully you have had some time to R&R, but if you were in tech around Dec 2020, you heard that there was this massive security incident around Log4j. It affected almost everyone, from large to small companies, and if you work in Java, chances are that you might've to work on it too (and if you haven't, it's a good idea to double-check your code) It has a severity of "10", which is rare, and what makes it hard to ignore. If you want to understand what it was about, and how it got there, then take a listen. Learn how to patch against it, as we travel and dive into the mechanics and the missed opportunities that happened. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap *News* MicroProfile 5.0: Eclipse IDE Release NetBeans 12.6 Release Spring Native 0.11 Release *Discussion* Log4j2 It made CNN:    
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    OffHeap 68. Facebook is in hot-water...again (very Meta)


    So we are technologist, and we create technology, and we live on it... technology on its own is neither good or evil...but what happens when a corporation dives into that gray are of how technology is used? We discuss what it means to have such a big influence in how people get their news, interact with each other, and at what point you can't just say "I don't want to interfere" A very pundit-adept topic, we discuss what could possibly be done to help the issue of misinformation while also balancing the need to be heard. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap October 2021 Events: EclipseCon - October 25-28 Reactive Summit - November 2-3 Jakarta One - December 7 - December 8 - 10 jChampions - January 2022 DevNexus - April 2022 News: JReleaser 0.7.0 JDK 18 Shaping Up (JEP 408) Jakarta EE 10 Release Update Eclipse Ide 2021-09 Supports JDK 17 Raspberry Pi price increase Future of Play Framework Facebook Change to Metaverse
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  • Java Off-Heap podcast

    OffHeap 66. Faster LTS releases? And A new Java license you say? How...peculiar


    So aside from being all giddy about Java 17 LTS release, we take now a deep dive on the changes that Oracle announced on their release schedule and Licensing. WANL (We are not Lawyers) but that didn't stop us from discussing what could it mean, and where would it go! Faster LTS, we are onboard. It's fun to be able to jump from LTS to LTS, but what does that mean for older releases and maintainability (as Oracle longstanding policy is to sunset the "oldest" of LTS when a new one comes out). We see the interesting dynamics on this with the new "Oracle No Fee Terms and Conditions", and what does that mean for Big Red's plan for our favorite programming language. In all, an interesting episode to pay attention to (and to know what's important). Like all Licenses, do talk to a real lawyer before adopting a new license (we really are just code monkeys that managed to wrestle a microphone). Or go with another Java open source binary provider on the standard licenses (Like Adoptium!) We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Events: SpringOne Videos Available EclipseCon - October 25-28 Jakarta One - December 7 - December 8 - 10 The new Intellij Updates Netbeans 12.5 Released Reactive Summit - November 2-3 Oracle Developer Live - October 26-27 jChampions - January 2022 DevNexus - April 2022 Java Is Still Free! Oracle Java 17 Licenses  
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    OffHeap 65. Helping your Boss Help You


    Allright, on this OffHeap Episode, we invited no other than @kenkousen to talk us about his new book. Helping your Boss Help You! As most of us are really underlings and have managers that we report to, Ken walk us through the things that he discovered work well (and shared stories of what didn't work so well) in a full-on, completely stuffed episode of OffHeap. We also dive into some of our tech news around Project Loom and Apple Surveillance. All in all, a very interesting, possibly life-changing episode of OffHeap We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Upgrade your Maven Version Apple Surveillance Project Loom Ken’s Book: HELP YOUR BOSS HELP YOU Pragmating Programmer's version (Prags site for ebooks) Ken's preview of the book  
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    OffHeap 64. Autobots...Rollout to the Bar!


    Color me jealous! Most of the OffHeap crew (excepting me, Freddy) went back to our roots, and recorded Java Off Heap at the RoundHouse! (The local bar, where Episode 1 was recorded!). It was a great opportunity to be mostly zoom-less and let the conversation flow whenever it wants to flow! In addition we got Cedric Hurst (@divideby0) to join us there! In all an interesting evening, with libations, Boston Dynamics Acquisition, a deep discussion on the "Right to Repair", and the implications of GitHub Copilot (the auto-filler AI-powered, FOSS trained helper) on this field! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap JAX London 10/4 - 10/7 (hybrid) EclipseCon 10/25 - 10/28 (online) Jakarta One LiveStream 12/7 (online) (In person) 12/8 - 12/10 Boston Dynamics Acquisition Microsoft Pentagon contract cancelled Big MS Security Update Github Co-Pilot Ruling on Google Gender Bias lawsuit Right to Repair -
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    OffHeap 63. Don't forget to do your backup kids


    So new things are happening! Jakarta EE 9.1 was released, GraalVM got to 21.1, and Spring Native is now at 0.10. We also get a new LightBend CEO (what does this mean?), and the favorite developer Copy-Paste Website (StackOverflow) got bought for (insert Dr. Evil voice here) ONE (.8) BILLION DOLLARS. You didn't hear it first here, BUT we sure talk about what does this mean! (Remember ExpertsExchange?) Lastly we dive into a deep discussion on Ransomware and security and how all these things we work everyday can, and are affected by it. Why some companies are keeping up, others are letting security slide, and more importantly, for us as Developers, what kind of role we play on these things. A passionate discussion on which we touch many points and explore our involvement on this field! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap GlassFish 6.2 Released GraalVM 21.1.0 Stackoverflow is acquired Meat Packer Cyberattack Colonial Cyber Attack BadB Promotional Cartoon (NOTE! NOT SAFE FOR WORK)
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    OffHeap 62. On Stallman, Apple and Basecamp


    Right, there were a good tricle of tech news like the release of Scala 3, and that now Microsoft is part of the OpenJDK (hm… we wonder if the JClarity acquision had anything to do w/that ;). But the Internet was rocked by a big tidal wave of D&I avoidance, Social pressure (but some would say Cancel Culture?) and selective historical facts. In that we dive to explore what has dominated the tech twitter feeds, facebook post, and essentially comment on the unbelievebable nuclear explosion (implosion in the case of Basecamp) that just happened. With the advent of Basecamp’s new policy (and the pyramid of hate), and the follow-up en-masse resignations, then Apple’s offer, twice rescinded to Antonio Garcia Martinez, to finally the Electronic Frontier Foundation inclusion of Dr. Stallman back on the board (on which, his past is either forgiven, or forgotten) this episode dives into how it got to here, and we piece together how these bungled-up situation blew up in the twittersphere Come take a listen and tour with us the reality of being in tech today! Start listening now for a riveting episode ride! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Scala 3 Microsoft OpenJDK: Oracle JDK 8 Support: Stallman back on FSF board Apple Antonio Garcia Martinez Basecamp – Employee rules update      
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    OffHeap 61. Return of the APIs (Supreme Court Ruling on Oracle v Google)


    Ok, 60 episodes ago, back when were were young and innocent, we started this podcast with coverage on the copyrightability of APIs. There were twist...there were turns! And a ton of nail-biting moments, but, finally it seems that the Supreme Court made a ruling (that APIs are not copyrightable) In this episode we cover the timeline, the ruling, and the possible effects it means for all of us developers, starting on the original days of Sun, and then going all the way to April 5th. We are not lawyers but pundits, and as such, we engage in punditry as we dissect what the Supreme Court ruling said (is it narrow? overarching? did they get the analogy right?) Would this turn out to be a George-Lucas moment where there will be more litigation? Episode VII, VIII or IX? or a Jar-Jar Binks moment? We don't know, but we sure be covering them if they happen in our watch! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Jakarta EE 9.1 - May GlassFish 6.1.0 - Aim for JDK 16: (?) JetBrains IntelliJ IDE 2021.1: (?) JDK 17 Early Releases and Timeline: Oracle releases R2DBC driver Dell will spin off VMware Oracle v Google FINALLY!
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    OffHeap 60. JDK 16, Spring Native, Micronaut, Microprofile and GraalVM have new releases! Author tags, And Companies blaming Interns (boo!)


    Hey y'all, well, this episode we dive into tons of fun stuff. There are new toys w/JDK 16, Spring Native and Graal. Essentially, it's a fun time to play with Native and new JDK 16 features (Records are mainstream!). And in a one-two punch, Spring Native release of 0.9, and Graal news of adopting truffle makes the ideal of adopting native images for your Java builds not far-fetched. It might have still some rough edges, but oh my, for some projects, it went from being painful, to a non-issue. So yeah. Millisecond startup times coming up! Micronaut is also out with 2.4.0, which we think is actually healthy! (we worried for a second or two). And Microprofile also has a release, with its LRA (and SAGA! pattern). We really wished SAGA was an acronym In addition some interesting consolidation happening with Crowdstrike buying Humio, and Okta acquiring Auth0. Interesting moves in security and authentication to say the least. We see how deep SolarWinds go with blaming an intern for their security woes. If that's your strategy, you already lost at the security game (shame!) And lastly, oh my, there is an Outlook vulnerability making its rounds. Important enough to hear (and patch!). You don't want weird inetpub/wwwroot files hanging in your outlook server. We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap Take the JVM Survey! JDK 16 MicroProfile LRA CrowdStrike nabs Humio for $400M – Micronaut 2.4.0 Okta acquires Auth0: SolarWinds blaming an intern @Author tags: Graal and Truffle Microsoft Exchange Mass Hack:  
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    OffHeap 59. Causing Trouble at DevNexus


    So we did it again! We managed to get into a conference schedule (Virtually this time). Within the Virtual Devnexus conference we invited and to join us as we discuss the latest Java news, and Career advise! Wanna hear from the "big kahuna"s on how to move to that next level? Then, come, and listen to this fun-packed episode of OffHeap from DevNexus! We thank DataDogHQ for sponsoring this podcast episode DO follow us on twitter @offheap JFrog Sunsetting BinTray OpenJ9 Source / No Binaries

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