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The New Manager Podcast

Kim Nicol

Kim Nicol is a life coach with expertise in mindfulness and leadership. She has taught over 1,000 students through her Crash Course for New Managers workshop at General Assembly. This podcast is for her students, and anyone who wants to learn and grow as a leader at work.

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  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    47. Self-Sabotage as a Misguided Desire for Safety


    Your brain wants certainty, because it feels like safety.  If you find that you're in a pattern of holding yourself back, it can help to think of it as a desire for safety rather than "self-sabotage."  When you're aware of the underlying reasoning, you can start working *with* yourself rather than against yourself.  Let's talk about it more in this episode.  
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    46. Leadership Like a DJ


    Changes in leadership can be difficult.  I'm sharing my favorite metaphor for this situation, and the questions that can help you think strategically when you need to communicate about the change.
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

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  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    45. Keys to Effective Manager Development


    In this episode I share the talk I gave at ICF Converge 2021.  You'll learn more about how I think about manager development from a holistic perspective, and will come away with insights you can apply in your own work life.  You'll also hear three powerful questions to ask yourself, your team, or your manager.
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    44. Willing to Be Wrong vs Needing to Be Right


    Making decisions is a skill, and an important part of being an effective manager.  Your mindset will influence how you make decisions, and how you show up at work.  Most of us learn that it's important to be right -- but that can come with adverse outcomes that you might not even realize.  What happens if you're willing to be wrong?  Let's talk about it.
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    43. The Illusion of Speed


    Is your work culture fast-paced?  Or is it actually reactive, frenetic, and anxious?  Let's talk about the difference, and what you can do. 
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    42. Beginner's Mind with Adam Hesch


    In today's episode you'll meet Adam Hesch, a Navy veteran who has worked in startups and global companies.  Adam has great insights and stories to share about leadership, people management, and how to effectively create a sense of team connection.  You'll learn about the power of ritual and how structure can enhance creativity.  Plus, the value of being intentionally invisible so others can shine.  I know you'll come away with ideas that can help you at work!
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    41. PTRs and Making Decisions


    How do you make decisions?  In this episode I share a simple framework that can help you think about how you're making decisions -- and can also be a good way to understand the basis for how other's think about making decisions.  You'll find ideas you can use at work, and also in your career and life.  The resource mentioned is:  The Management Center.  Visit them at to learn more about PTRs.
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    40. Managing Relationships with Ross Swalve


    What, specifically, can you do as a manager to create great relationships at work?  In this episode I talk with Ross Swalve about manager lessons learned over more than a decade in the construction industry.  He has great insights and perspectives that I know will help you, so get ready to take some notes!
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    39. See and Respect the Value You Bring


    Let's talk about why it's so important to see and respect your value -- even when your manager or workplace doesn't recognize it.
  • The New Manager Podcast podcast

    38. "I don't know what I'm doing."


    Ever lost sleep from anxiety, thinking, "I don't know what I'm doing!"?  Let's talk about it!  Being a manger means you're in a higher visibility role, which can feel like more pressure, and more fear about messing up.  In this episode I'll share where that anxiety comes from, and what you can do about it.

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