If She Can, I Can podcast

If She Can, I Can

Olivia Brafman

Go on the journey with Olivia Brafman, your host, as she figures out if women really can have the high flying career, and the family - and if so, how on earth do we navigate it all?

Each episode talks candidly to inspiring and successful women in their field who have been there, done that. Learn about their climb to the top, their failures, successes, choices and sacrifices, on balancing their professional dreams with the expectations and pressures of being a mother.

For all those women who feel in their prime to ‘lean in’, but yet their biological clocks are holding them back, I’m here to learn from the women who have proven the statistic wrong. Why? I'm determined to help more mothers not be forced out of work and instead, storm into those C-Suites, judgement aside and babes in arms.

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