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A holistic, irreverent, no-bullshit look at the climate crisis and all the ways we’re talking—and not talking—about it. We take a feminist, race-forward lens to the biggest story of our time. Some people might call it intersectional, we call it honest. Co-hosted by Mary Annaïse Heglar and Amy Westervelt.

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    Big Oil Had a Bad Month (Which Means We Had a Good One)


    In our S3 finale we talk about the very bad month Big Oil had in May, how much the climate story has changed in the past couple years, and what lies ahead as wildfire and hurricane season pick up, and pipeline protests rage on.
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    What Covid and Climate Have in Common: Science Denial


    Pro Publica healthcare reporter Caroline Chen joins us to talk about her experience navigating that minefiled, where public health and climate intersect, what happened when all the climate journalists got reassigned to Covid, how to better integrate the ways we talk about health and climate, and a whole lot more.Reading List:A Tiny Number of People Will Be Hospitalized Despite Being Vaccinated. We Have to Learn Why.How Inequity Gets Built Into America’s Vaccination SystemVaccinating Black Americans Is Essential. Key States Aren’t Doing the Work to Combat HesitancyHow Operation Warp Speed Created Vaccination Chaos
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    Moving Fast and Breaking Sh*t


    Journalist Maddie Stone joins us to talk about Silicon Valley (yes, also the HBO series) and Big Tech's approach to both climate change and climate journalism.
  • Hot Take podcast

    April 20 Is #FUBPday


    We missed the 10-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, so on the 11-year anniversary we're going big: It's #FUBPday. Plus: Why Seaspiracy sucked
  • Hot Take podcast

    Hot and Cold with Rev Yearwood and The Coolest Show


    In this crossover episode with The Coolest Show, Rev Yearwood takes us to school and church with an in-depth conversation about the history of the civil rights movement, the climate movement, and the role of religion in both. Plus: we call bullshit on the American Petroleum Institute's "climate plan."Sign up for our newsletter: out The Coolest Show: Hip Hop Caucus:
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    The Ultimate Abolition


    If you want to see the true toll of the climate crisis, you have to train yourself to look for the most vulnerable populations. And you’d be hard pressed to find a population more vulnerable than prisoners. This week, we’re joined on the podcast by one of our favorite guests ever, Drew Costley, to talk about why there is no humane future for prisons and what might come next.Sign up for our newsletter: readings for this episode: 'People are in danger': the prisoners feeling the effects of US climate crisis The Climate Disaster Inside America's PrisonsLet's Talk About Wildfires and Prisons What Happens to Prison Inmates Caught in Hurricanes?For the Families of People in Prison, Hurricanes Bring Extra Panic and Uncertainty Climate Apartheid Is the Coming Police Violence Crisis Climate Change Behind BarsHow the U.S. Prison System Contributes to Climate ChangeDefunding the Police Is an Environmental Justice Issue How Louisiana's Oil and Gas Industry Uses Prison LaborIs Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind (Published 2019)Aching for Abolition: As a survivor of sexual violence, I know prison isn't the answer
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    The Greenwashing Olympics


    A dramatic reading of the book Donald J. Trump: An Environmental Hero with Emily Atkin and Brian Kahn, plus a look at the energy industry's annual conference, CERA Week, or as we like to call it, the Greenwashing Olympics.For more of Emily's reading: to our newsletter:
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    Two Sides to Every Story?


    Lewis Wallace, journalist and author of the book The View from somewhere, and the podcast by the same name, joins us to talk about one of our least favorite conventions in journalism: both sidesism.Check out more from Lewis, including his book, podcast, speaking events and trainings: to our newsletter:
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    Blood for Oil, with Antonia Juhasz


    Investigative journalist Antonia Juhasz joins us to talk about all the many ways oil, war, and climate change intersect.Read more: to our newsletter:
  • Hot Take podcast

    No Better Time for Climate Reparations, with Tamara Toles O'Laughlin


    The term climate reparations first came into the global climate conversation back in 2009. It disappeared for a while but has re-emerged in the past year or two. Environmental activist, organizer, lawyer, and all-around climate expert Tamara Toles O'Laughlin joins us to talk about where this idea came from, why it disappeared, and why it's back...hopefully to stay.Further reading:Maxine Burkett's original paper on climate reparations:"Climate Rage," by Naomi Klein in Rolling Stone:"No Money Down," by Jean Friedman-Rudovsky in Earth Island Journal "The Case for Reparations" articles from recent history:Foreign Policy: of the Atomic Scientists: Jones:

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