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Michelle (Pfennighaus) Leotta

Hello health coaches! I'm here each week, candidly answering your questions based on my decade of experience in the field. Topics include identifying your target market, list building, earning income, mindset and technology know-how. Ask YOUR questions at

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  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E171: How I Use Fullscript as a Secondary Income Stream


    Having multiple income streams is super important for health coaches! That's why Michelle was so psyched when Fullscript came along. They allow coaches to suggest supplements from top-tier brands and earn up to 35% of every sale. Whoa. It's good. Listen and learn how it works! Get your FREE Fullscript account at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E170: Running My First Online Group Program with Julia Sarver


    Listen in to hear from Michelle and Julia about their first online groups. From content creation to sales, you'll hear how they found success despite being total beginners. Want to run your own online group? Register for free: How To Run a Cleanse -
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

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  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E169: Troubleshooting Your Process With New Clients


    If you want to start working with clients, you'll need to FIND some, for starters. And to collect payment? How to get those forms filled out? What about actually, you know, helping with their health issues? In this episode Michelle helps troubleshoot common issues and offers her free Where To Start Guide for new health coaches. Get it at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E168: 3 Mistakes Health Coaches Make with Instagram with Julie Fischer


    It's easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of Instagram...but is it even helping your health coaching business? In this episode Michelle is joined by Julie Fischer – a health coach who started her business on IG. You'll hear about common mistakes to avoid and how to get started using IG as a powerful marketing tool. Check out Julie's upcoming Instagram Bootcamp at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E167: Tech Tools For Health Coaches, Explained!


    You've probably heard of all sorts of tools you "need" for your health coaching business. From Wix to Wordpress, Practice Better to Mailchimp...what's the difference? And what's actually necessary? Listen and find out. This episode is brought to you by Michelle's free training, How To Turn Health Coaching into a Full Time Salary at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    E166: Working With Your First Client


    It's exciting to work with your first client! But it can also be terrifying. And that's completely, utterly normal. Here's what to do if you haven't a clue where to begin. This episode is brought to you by Michelle's newly updated free training, How To Turn Health Coaching Into a Full Time Salary -
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    [Behind-the-Scenes Part 4] What Was Stuck Between Me & My Goals?


    This episode gets extra personal as Michelle shares how she's felt stuck at different points along her journey as a health coach. How many can you relate to...and move through? And don't forget...enrollment closes 10/6 for the Fall 2021 Fast Track Semester. Details at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    [Behind-the-Scenes Part 3] Income Streams in Every Phase of My Business


    In this episode Michelle defines 3 phases of business and which income streams work best for each, based on her 12 years of experience as a health coach. There are no hard and fast rules, but these guidelines will help you avoid frustration and maximize profits. Speaking of profits, HPU's Fall Fast Track Semester is now open for enrollment at
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    [Behind-the-Scenes Part 2] How I've Made It Easy: Emails, Blogging, Social Posts


    Down with working harder, up with working smarter! In this episode Michelle reveals how to efficiently and consistently create content for your emails, blog posts and social media. Want to learn her whole process for building a profitable business? Join the Fall '21 Fast Track Semester at  
  • Health Coach Power Community podcast

    [Behind-the-Scenes Part 1] My 5 Worst Business Ideas


    Grab a cup of something delicious and come dish the dirt! In this special podcast series, Michelle is taking you behind the scenes of her 6-figure coaching practice so you can see what it's REALLY all about. In this first segment, you'll hear about lopsided partnerships, losing money and why being an only child may have caused problems for Michelle's early years of business. If you're interested in getting hands-on help to grow your business, the Fall Fast Track Semester is open for enrollment through 10/6/21. Get details at

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